Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hey blog readers! So the WHIMAGES.COM site is ALMOST 1 week old! Pretty cool! We've had a great send off and It's been a busy first week...lots of bookings for November! I still have a couple weekend spots if you are interested and several Monday and Tuesday, and one Thursday opening.

In other news, I occasionally I share a little Peytonism from my youngest daughter because she usually has the cutest things to say. Last Friday, we went to a Haunted Barn/Haunted Hayride at Rockfield Manor. As you know that's one of my favorite places to shoot so my kids are VERY familiar with it. About half way through the hayride nothing exciting/scary had happened. Peyton turns around to Daddy and says, "When is it going to get the haunted?" Ummmm yeah, not too scary for our brave little chick!

And NO, this photo has nothing to do with the post but it's one of my new favorites!
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