Monday, May 18, 2009

First Time Blogger Here!

This is Stephanie….Robyn’s long time friend by marriage. She got me by default when I married Jeff. She IS the best thing that came with him and I love her dearly! Although Robyn and I do have a few different interests, most of them parallel each other strongly. We both love animals, sharing smutty romance novels, Taco Bell, trips to Target together planned strategically around our afternoon naps, a few hours watching movies together and lots, lots more. However, one thing we do not have in common is blogging. I read a couple of blogs, including Robyn’s, but have never developed an interest in actually blogging. So, when Robyn asked me to guest blog a couple of weeks ago when she had her back surgery, I agreed, reluctantly, unbeknownst to her. I couldn’t say no to her. It was the least I could do. It’s THAT important to her. But, I admit I have been procrastinating hoping she wouldn’t notice that I have not blogged and that I would be off the hook. No such luck! She called me first thing Sunday morning and requested again that I blog for her. So I lay awake last night thinking about what I would write about and what kind of blogging faux pas I would inevitably come up with to offend one or two of her followers. Or I guess I should say “readers” as “followers” make us sound as if we belong to a cult lead by Robyn. See! That is exactly the type of faux pas I am talking about.

Robyn is doing great by the way. She has come a long way from almost two weeks ago when I saw her the day after her surgery. I have to admit, I was a little scared for her that first day. It was very hard to see her in so much pain with all kinds of “stuff” sticking out of her. I didn’t know that kind of stuff would make me as queezy as it did! I really didn’t expect it would be as “major” as it was. I was blow drying her hair the other day and saw her stitches. Yikes! Another bout of light headedness for me. But, day by day, she has gotten a little more mobile and is starting to get around more confidently. I don’t expect she will be back to herself any time real soon, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and that’s a good thing. Until then, I will keep doing her laundry, scrubbing her bath room and kitchen, stuffing her mouth with baked goods, lying on the couch watching movies and discussing our smutty romance novels. By the way, none of these are chores…..any time I get to spend with Robyn is time I enjoy!

(Fork me some of that!) You can blog about that when you come back Robyn!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is what happens when Tina and Brandy are in charge of Robyn's post surgical care!!!

Hello Everyone!!!! Just wanted to send a little update to keep you all up to date on Robyn's post surgical progress....
Robyn is such a trooper, no surprise right??? Lower lumbar staples, back brace, four point walker, ice, hospital bed in the living room (thank you Matt) and some good pain meds...thank god!
Where else could I have a blast doing laundry while chatting with one of my best friends. Not to mention getting hooked on another vampire saga, like the Twilight series was not bad enough. Now I have True Blood to deal with:)

I haven't even mentioned the dogs yet. Macey girl is my sweetie, in fact she did not cause any trouble and maintained a low profile. Cosmo and Levi are a whole other ball game. Apparently they are not allowed in the yard at the same time due to the major destruction the two of them can cause together, as evidenced my the azalea tree that Cosmo used as a chew toy! Sorry Robyn, I tried to re-plant it but I'm not giving it much hope. My only hope was to bribe the "little angels" and by the time I was done two bags of doggie treats were gone. In fact, Levi my love, brought me the bag himself to continue with my plea for good behavior. I will be going to Target today for more because these loving, devoted boxers have got me all figured out.. Yes, I am a sucker for beautiful pouty brown eyed boxers with azalea bushes hanging out of there mouths:)
At the end of the day the most beautiful children came home from school ...My sweet Callie commented on my outfit. Cole entertained my four year old without complaint and Peyton could not wait to show me her new dance moves.
Robyn, Robyn, Robyn, always so endearing and grateful. Thank you for letting me be a part of you life!!!
Speedy recovery and lots of luv.........Tina
P.S. special shout out to Brandy who assisted with decorating and taking photos of Robyn!! And.....Stephanie who is doing all of the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning while Brandy and I capture theses special moments....

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

She's Back!!!!!!!!! :)

HI!, This is Callie Robyn's oldest daughter :) and she is letting me guest blog. So she called around nine thirty this morning and said I can come home!!!!!!! She thought that when my dad got there she was just going to get up and leave, boy was she wrong. She found out that before she could leave she had to practice getting out of a fake car, get in and out of a shower, get on and off the toilet (I am glad that I wasn't there for that one) :). She said that it was all stuff that wasn't embarrasing just kidding, I mean i would be embarrased too if it took me a long time just to get to the toilet and had to use a walker for everything. Recently my great grandmother passed away and she used a walker when she walked, and my dad was kidding around with her and when my mom was walking with the walker my dad said "nana was faster!" but he was just kidding :). My mom may not want to admit it but I knew that she like pressing the buttons on the hospital bed and how the romote was attached to the bed and the speaker was in the remote it was really cool if I should say so myself. So now my mom is home and doing awesome my dad and I put the extra day bed in the family room and sat it all up and right this second my mom is laying on the day bed in the middle of the family room reading her book. I wanted to thank my moms friends and my family for helping us soooooooooo much and we really appreciate it, and there is no way that we could ever thank them enough :). Bethany O'Malley helped me so much today with cleaning up the house she is like a saint she matched our socks and that is like the biggest job to do in the house. So Thank You everyone for helping us sooooo much I just can't tell you guys how much we appreciate it :). P.S my mom says THANK YOU EVERYONE so much and she hopes to get better soon :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

She's already out of the hospital and she just stopped at Kohl's on the way home!!!
I'm just kidding, Robyn's out of surgery and everything seemed to go great. The surgery took longer than the five hour guesstimated time but she's in recovery. Her wonderful doctor told the family that there was more scar tissue then he originally anticipated but I think that's from when she had her tramp stamp removed at the drive Thru cosmetic place in Vegas in 07. It was a life size picture of her first husband. ....
Just kidding.. If you know Robyn at all, you know she is too Saintly to ever be with anyone before her awesome husband Matt, or have a tattoo.
Last night I talked to her before bed and to make light of the situation, she told me if something went wrong and she hadn't made it, I was entitled to her recipe box. (She is an amazing cook)I really wanted Grandmom's button basket though. (Inside joke)I asked her what our sigh would be to let me know that she was with me in spirit. Robyn said "the first Robin you see every spring will be me." BlahBlahBlah. I would rather her flush the toilet and blink the lights a couple times.
Anyways, I'm soooo happy my big sis is gonna make it, although I really had my heart set on her pound cake recipe. Maybe I'll hit her up for it while she's still high on meds!
If anyone has any idea how Robyn got her back in such a mess in the first place, please let us know. We have been trying to jar our memories for weeks. What could have done such a number on her spine? I had a few ideas: Some of which are not appropriate for viewing eyes. hehe. I'm just kidding, remember she is Saintly and the best sister EVER!!!!!
I love you Robbie, come home quick. xoxoxox, Brandy
P.S. I wrote in orange 'cuz it's her favorite color!!!! And if you had smello vision, it would smell like creme brulee, another one of her favorites

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So that was my incredibly horrible imitation of the Gov. of California. But it was apropos! I'm leaving in a few hours for my fusion...Yes, I'm still up at 1:40 in the morning and we'll leave here at 4:30 but I figure, I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow! (Remember, the positives, we like the positives.)

OHHH and in other news, I bet my Mother's day present is more expensive than yours! Nannynannybooboo. Just kidding...but well, seriously thank God for insurance 'cause this back thingy is apparently well over 100K. And to think, I would have been happy with a couple homemade, crayon-colored cards!

While I'm gone, you'll have some fun with the guest bloggers I've lined up. Good times my friends. For sure!

I snapped this shot of my friend's little lady the other day...I just love it!

SO stay first guest blogger starts tomorrow night! (I guess it's actually tonight) ...she's witty. she's clever. she sounds JUST like me on the phone! You'll have to tune in to see who it is. I know the suspense is KILLING you!
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