Saturday, September 28, 2013

October Birchbox Review, I'm really loving this beauty subscription company reviewing gig that I made up out of my own imagination!

This is our second Birchbox and AGAIN, my girls and I were so happy with the goodies!  We received our second Beauty Army box and it's not worthy of a blog post.  I've even cancelled our subscription.  Some of the same product as the month before and truly just itty bitty samples. Blah.  The fiberboard paper box it comes in is nice though! LOL  I have a hard time not saying one thing positive about a company, so there, they've got a pretty box with pink camo inside!

Birchbox on the other hand has been nothing but happiness for us!  I have to say my girls fight over who opens the box and who gets what!  If I had a wee less maturity I'd be wrestling in there with them!  Lot's of good ol' goodies in a Birchbox subscription box!

Here is what the inside looks like:  Luxurious hand and nail cream that seems to be from I high end company.  Sugarbomb lipgloss from BENEFIT in a glorious medium mauve-nude that I imagine looks fabulous on everyone. Plus it's a GREAT size to pop in your pocket or your bag when your running out to the grocery or out for a glamorous night with the girls!  A nice size packet of conditioner for curly hair which I fight with every day, so I'm happy with that. that mysterious blue box is this FABULOUS nail color that's a metallic, small shimmery army green that's absolute PERFECTION for fall!  I'd give you a better photo but that would mean leaving my coffee and you and my computer and again MY COFFEE and getting it out of Callie's stash upstairs.  That girl snagged that color like it was a bar of gold!  We've yet to use the green tea scrub but it looks very enticing!

Yet again, this month I'm tickled with the Birchbox so I don't think this subscription is going anyway it's totally worth the $10.00 a month.

I also received the September POPSUGAR subscription box.  It's going to be my next post.  Let me just say...SWOON!  This box is spendy so I won't be able to keep it up much longer but if this box is indicative of the typical box, WOW!  So check on back for that post!

I'm having so much fun with these beauty and lifestyle subscription boxes that I wish I could order more and more!  But I'm just testing a couple out to see what I'll keep in my budget.  I already canceled the Beauty Army, I'm excited to see next month's Birchbox and next months POPSUGAR. I subscribed to Julep too, the first month is free.  My daughter Callie changes her nail polish like 2 times a week. And Julep is mainly nail polish, right up Callie's Alley!  This is so much fun, my girls and I are loving it!  Try out a box, they are fun and you can't go wrong with the two I just mentioned!


It's me said...

Lovely !!! enjoy a happy weekend Robyn !!..x !

Sara S. said...

Fun! I've been thinking about signing up for a Birchbox. Do you have a code that gets you anything if I do?

whimages said...

Thanks Sara! I replied on your blog, thanks so much for asking. I think you just put my name robyn bedsaul Wait to you see the PopSugar box...awesome!

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