Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Charlie and this and that

Over the weekend we spent a double delightful time at Matt's brothers. Their hospitality cannot be compared! Here's some cute pics I snapped...well except for Callie, she was not interested!

http://dailycoyote.blogspot.com/ Go now. Read this now! :-) I've been hooked on this blog for weeks but I simply must share Charlie with you.

So if you "know me" you know I'm a "bit" into dogs. :-) I'm actually a tad of a freak and will stop the car to see a boxer. I've infected a friend or so with this strange affliction. Namely, Tina and now she also names boxer puppies that are NOT hers in Petco and has a wardrobe of collars for her petite little female boxer, Lucy. Well, Charlie up there is NOT a boxer but he's a coyote and a super cute one at that. His mom adopted him when he was just 10 days old after he was orphaned. His mom is a super cool photographer/writer who is just a young chic but moved across the country from the city to Wyoming INTO a one room log cabin. She's got guts people and this blog is SO worth reading! Check it out chickies!

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