Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day, A YUMMY Recipe And A Peytonism!

Long time readers of Whimages and previously will know that I periodically post something called a Peytonism. Peyton is our youngest. She's a lovely, sweet little girl (If I do say so myself. And. I. Do). She has thick chestnut brown hair and big brown eyes. The problem is that Peyton should have been born blonde. I mean absolutely no offense to all the blondes out there. I am a blonde. Well I was until I had kids and they turned my hair curly and dark but that's a story for another day. I'm also Polish so I have those 2 strikes against me. Just kidding. Kinda. Anyway, Peyton has always said the funniest things and last night was not an exception. Matt was flipping through the channels on the t.v. and little Ms. P was curled up against him. He came across an old KISS concert. Being the child of the 80's that he is, he had to watch it for a few minutes. This was KISS is full regalia...silver platform boots, silver shoulder thingys that look like football shoulder pads designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. Let's not forget the MAKEUP and HAIR. Peyton is watching for a few minutes in silence, then she says: Is that the BLACK EYED PEAS?

Today is St. Patricks Day. One of my kids favorite cereals is the ever healthy LUCKY CHARMS. I have a confession to make. The kids get about half of the marshmallows that are in the box. There is something so yummy to me about those hard, stale little bright colored charms. I sneak them out of the box when no one is looking. LUCKILY, I have found a wonderful substitution. PEEPS. I can't show them to you because I ate them all. BUT, if you put a PEEP in the microwave for about 30 seconds, not only does it ASTOUND you with it's ability to blow up like me when I was pregnant with the twins but if you let it cool ALL THE WAY. It turns into bits of dried out marshmallow goodness ALMOST like the lucky charms! YUMMY! These Easter marshmallows didn't turn out quite as good but they will do in a pinch and they're pretty!
Okay, here's a NEW recipe for you. I wanted to make a couple REALLY easy things for the moms that were going to be hanging out during Peyton's party. I saw this Southwest Corn Salsa recipe on the Pioneer Woman's cooking site and thought it looked yummy. I RAN out of time to make it. (I'm soooo much slower than I think I am) so I had Cole (yes my almost 14 year old son) follow the recipe. It is DELICIOUS. REALLY! YOU MUST MAKE THIS. And it makes a ton, so it's perfect if you have two parties in a weekend to go to. Or you want to take it to the pool or something. The only thing different WE (I tasted it then added this) did was add extra cumin, salt and tri-color pepper and diced fresh cilantro. Here is the source Southwest Corn Salsa
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Michela said...

Hi Robyn! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and joining! I love meeting new fellow bloggers. I am also a HUGE fan of the little marshmallows in Luck Charms. I wish they made whole boxes of just the marshmallows!

Anonymous said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

That looks so yummy! My stomach is growling!

Julie said...

My kids love Lucky Charms, I have to try and make your Peep-Mellows.