Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas shopping or AKA: one for you, one for me!

For some reason, this year I am totally on the ball with my Christmas shopping.  I'm not telling you that so that you send me hate mail, I swear. This is the first time ever that this has happened and YES, I am waiting for the world to stop spinning or some other cataclysmic event!  Anyway, while shopping, I've been checking out .  Coincidentally, contacted me and wants to offer a 10% DISCOUNT TO MY READERS! YAY! Isn't that the coolest? I'll post it at the end of this  They already have super low prices so this is such a COOL bonus!  I already used it and ordered my husband a London Fog wool winter coat for work!  It was a STEAL!

I do have to say though, while checking out the goodies on over there on, I've found all KINDS of goodies that I'd like to have for our house!  I totally would love to shop and do the "one for you, one for me!" How fun would that be!  I've totally fallen for industrial style stools and check out these
Tabouret industrial stools The other day, they were on sale for $79.00 for 2!  I want these stools so bad! I think they'd be so cool against my Dove Grey island and I like that I could slide them under the overhang when not being used. Not that I'm still not in love with my stool-bench but that was a temporary fix. And the black would compliment our black painted cabinets.

I'd also LOVE to get this old world style faucet for our powder room.  The one we have has definitely seen better days!
I'm totally in LOVE with this petite chandelier, I think it would be FABULOUS in our master bedroom redo!  It's swoon-worthy!

How about you, is your shopping done? Started?  What are you swooning over right now?

Here's the OVERSTOCK.COM DISCOUNT CODE  ?121728? Share with me the goodies you purchased with this great discount!  Thank you to for offering this to my Whimages friends!

One last thing, don't forget to enter to win the SCENTSY plug in warmer and scent bar from Shari over at Little Blue Deer Plus read her latest post, the photos are to die for! I don't know where she gets these great photos but the inspiration is almost overwhelming!


All That Jazz said...

I have picked up ONE gift for my sister, last weekend! I was actually proud of myself for that, usually I shop two weeks before, LOL! I am going to hand-make most of my gifts this year. I did that last year and really enjoyed it.

It's me said...

Hi Robyn.....that stools are amazing !!!....happy weekend my friend......miss you on my blog......o Ria....

shari @ little blue deer said...

Thanks for the link love, I have had a great response to the giveaway! Will draw on Tuesday! And thank you for the coupon code, last year I did ALL my Christmas shopping at Overstock! XX!

Cricket said...

How cool of to do that for your readers! I've never shopped there but after seeing all those fabulous things you like, I will definitely have to check it out! I've finished shopping for my mom and have some stuff for my girl...still need to do much more though!


Zaira said...

Hi Robyn, I shall have a look at overstock me too! Shari is one of the best reading indeed! You are always so nice and pretty kind. I hope you're doing fine darling!!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a great offer, thank you, Robyn!


red ticking said...

oh i had to come meet you... anyone who has a serious bowl addiction... is going to be a friend of mine... xx

Leigha said...

Ha! I just started Christmas shopping (early...for the first year ever)...I came home with several things for myself. Oops. Guess Santa thinks I have been good this year.


thrifted finds said...

i've got to start shopping! too much to do in just a few short months!