Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pergola furniture, finally! :-) YAY!!!

We've been wanting furniture for our Pergola for several years now.  Since we built it actually but it wasn't on the radar. Luckily, Home Depot and our good friend Martha Stewart had a fabulous sale on a set that we liked and wasn't too hard on the wallet!  Here it is!  BTW, if my terracotta pots look yucky it's because I've coated them in a moss milkshake.  Be on the look out for that post if you want your brand new pots to look divinely aged!!

NEW Terracotta with MOSS Milkshake painted on the side, Day 1!


cuongthao said...

erotiske noveller

sexy shop
nice photoes

Cathy said...

I totally get the happiness! A pergola isn’t a pergola when it’s just standing there, right? It’s supposed to be used in all possible ways. I think a detachable hammock would also be nice to put in, especially when it’s cool and you feel like taking a nap. :) Love the idea! -->Cathy