Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chesterfield, oh Chesterfield. How do I love thee...
Chesterfield couches

I love LOVE it's velvety lush goodness!
 I'm a sucker for monochromatic. Every. Time! This one is SEXY~!  Looks like something one of the brothers from the Black Dagger Brotherhood would have! ...or CHRISTIAN GREY!
OHHH this one is DELIGHTFUL!!!   ...from google

matching vintage red chesterfield couches, and notice the rustic leather wrapped fireplace tool set.  Classic AND modern. cool.

Dream couch.  Something dramatic and full of character.  I've been obsessing over Chesterfield couches lately.
Again with the lush velvety goodness!


Jacqui said...

Fabulous!! And I absolutely love the fireplace behind the chesterfield in picture no. 1


Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Be still my heart! I love all of them but I think the green is my fave.

It's me said...

We have two !!!..yes yes yes !! from

Rene Foust said...

Christian Grey now there is a thought!!!!! I love them all!

My Cottage Charm said...

Loverly....I like them all! (but you know I'll have to say I like the pink one the most) lol :)
I'm glad you liked all my goodies I found at yard sales! Oh how I wish we lived close enough to each other to go shopping, go to yard sales and do lunch! :-)