Friday, June 28, 2013

From Mopey Maple to Metallic with Moxie!

One day before I made my final decision to start blogging again, I made a fateful trip to one of the Heaven lands of DIY'ers. Good Will.  Yes I walked through it's heralded doors and was swept away by the beauty of an exorcism pea green soup colored pedestal table.  I wasn't on the look out of a table, well a table like that.  I really wanted a console or a slim depth dresser.  But that table had my name written all over it.  And at $25 who was I to say NO?  Eventually I will show you it's glorious transformation into....something.  I'm not really sure what!  

Then I started scouring the place for the console or dresser. I discovered this lovely solid maple chest that was relatively simple in design which was what I had in mind.  The neat thing was years and years ago Maryland had a large department store called Hecht Brothers.  Inside the top drawer was a brass label that said that very thing and below that Baltimore Maryland.  With living in Maryland my entire life I find this kinda cool and knew it had to come home with me too.  It was a natural maple finish that didn't suit the style I wanted but that's okay.
I had sort of wanted one of those mirrored dressers or consoles but figured that they wouldn't stay in style as long as I need something to AND they didn't fit in the budget.  This $25.00 solid maple dresser did!  My husband painted it with Valspars Silver metallic paint and the top with Behr Beluga left over from our kitchen cabinet makeover here. It has the perfect metallic sheen I wanted, not too over the top and not too subdued. 
***EDIT***  I just kept feeling like the chest just didn't have enough UMPH for me.  Luckily one day I came across these gorgeous knobs that are white with silver polka dots. SILVER POLKA DOTS!!!  They jumped into my cart because the knobs and I knew this was what this chest needed.  I'm also thinking of going over the black edges with some silver leaf rub and buff.  I'll let you know how that goes! Here she is in her new glory...

I'm STILL lamenting that I don't have a before pic of her sad dowdy little maple self.  

The whole foyer is getting a makeover so expect a make over post in the future. I've got a SUPER exciting step treatment you will LOVE!  And we are going to paint the spindles white and the rail glossy black.   I kinda want to go eclectic like the rest of our home.  Previously I liked the foyer but it was a bit on the stuffy side.  OH and as I mentioned once or twice before I don't have a before photo because I wasn't really planning on blogging again!
I'm participating in this fun linky party, come join us 
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We are going to be painting these awful natural beat up pine floors in the family room a  lovely dusky grey that we just did on our steps.  That reveal will be coming up too: the floor AND the foyer stairs. Lot's of projects going on here at the Bedsaul's!


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Love what you did with the dresser and the addition of the fun knobs. This would have been hard to pass up at just $25, what a deal!

Suzan Sweatman said...

Oh it turned out gorgeous - thanks so much for giving me the link Robyn - those knobs are perfection!!!
I painted a dresser about a month ago with a silver finish too :)
Beautiful job