Sunday, July 28, 2013

A $25 Freshen Up For The Family Room

We've got like 5 projects going on right now here at the Bedsaul Household.  None are really complete but this one almost is so I thought I'd share my progress.  We've been very happy with our family room for a few years now.  Several years ago we put up board and batten and added the family room reading nook and you can see some of our family room here in our budget kitchen renovation.  As much as I'm still in love with the chocolate brown couches and the white board and batten with the robin egg blue walls, I felt like injecting another color.  Our kitchen flows into the family room, one open plan.  If you looked at the link you can see my cabinets are black and my walls are a soft and warm whipped butter color.  Orange has always been my favorite color and it looks totally yummy with the robin egg blue.  AND...I had a coupon for buy one pillow get one 50% off at Target.  So I came home with a square cool fluffy white pillow and a chevron lumbar embroidered with teal, yellow, orange and navy.  I needed a few more pops of color so I snagged a yellow pillow off my bed. Then made a bee-line for Goodwill, it's just up the street (dangerous).  I couldn't find a matching decor item but I bought this fun shaped deep eggplant vase for $2. I happen to have pumpkin orange spray paint so off to the back yard we went!  I'm switching out the duck egg blue candles on the mantle to orange or yellowand I'll be set!  Remember most importantly when you are on a budget, SHOP your house!!!

If you look in the back there's the yet to be painted goodwill $25 table I'm in love with!
A DEAR friend gave me this DARLING cast iron boxer bank that I've been going gaga over at the antique store for seriously like 5 years.  He blends in well so I added a tray to our coffee table and perched him there and viola!  Now my family room looks fresh and summery! Perfect! Amazing where a couple fresh throw pillows, a couple new candles and a Goodwill vase will take you!

The BEFORE for the now glossy orange vase.

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