Friday, September 13, 2013

bits and bubbles

Been gone for a few days from blogland.  Busy co-planning a shower for my lovely niece. And I snuck in a few senior photos of my one of my twins, Cole.  I've got some blog posts in the works but don't have time to crank them out right now so I'll show and tell you what I've been working on.  First my son's photos.  He's not the most comfortable yet in front of the camera but I hope that changes.  He's had some interest from some agencies.  This is never really something we had on a plate so not really having a budget for a pro photog to get together a portfolio means Mom pulls out her old digital lens reflex and we get snapping.  We really don't know what we're doing.  I know it's going to take another session or two and I hope he  loosen ups so we can see the real Cole.  Cole's 6'3.  That's a lot of boy to capture.  Here are a few we came up with.  

Okay and now to a total TURN of attention...I've been plugging along for Kady's baby shower for sweet little Charlotte who has yet to make her appearance, thank Goodness!   Kady's mom came up with the idea of a little theme of "she's about to pop!".  When Kady was little on up till now she has an affinity for delicious caramel corn from a local seashore shop.  Karen is bagging it and tagging it with the "She's about to POP!" theme.  I'm making table squares out of this sweet light pink polka dotted fabric.  For the center pieces, I'm using my oodles of milk glass vases with just simple baby's breath, baby pink carnations and some pretty Zinnia's from my garden.  We are also going to use those sweet lanterns everyone has from Ikea with pink tea lights.  One day while checking out Pinterest for just a minute or two (HA! Yeah right, I get lost in there) I saw some lollipops wrapped in tissue.  DING DING DING!  I'm using the same table square material to cover BlowPops and tie a  pretty little white bow on them.  

You use pinking shears and cut 6"x6" squares for the pops

The Washi tape is from.....wait for it........THE DOLLAR STORE! LOW AND BEHOLD! Who'd a thunk?

We were fortunate enough to find this chalkboardish bag to add to the slight chalk board theme going on in the background.  The chalkboard below is in my kitchen!  
I'm going to erase this tonight and write WELCOME SWEET BABY CHARLOTTE to display at the shower
I'll follow with a full shower post in a few days.  I've got some tricks up my sleeve!

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