Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas decor delights...

I wish I could say these pics were taken at my house, but they are not. :-( One of the absolutely most wonderful things about photography has been getting to peek into the lives and loves of families. I have met some of the most special people these last few months and I'm so fortunate to be able to share a bit of time with them. One of the people who I feel fortunate to have met is Jeanette and her husband Blake. Believe me when I say that Martha doesn't have a thing on Jeanette! I'm serious! Yesterday the girls and I had the pleasure of popping by Jeanette's to take a few photos of her decor. She was making a cute little butter bee hive for a dinner party she was hosting last night....hours before she was flying to Poland for a wedding! The aroma of fresh baked apple pie (with little hearts around the crust) wafted through the house from the oven as I ohhhed and ahhhhed over every little Christmas goody in each nook and crany! I hope she doesn't mind me sharing these photo's here but the house is just TOO DELIGHTFUL not to!

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