Friday, December 7, 2007

The Shoemakers Son...

So what is that they say...the shoemakers son always goes barefoot? I hadn't done my own Christmas card photo until today at 4:00! Finally I begged, pleaded and just about threatened Cole to get outside and let me snap a couple. The snow on the ground was a GREAT effect! :-) I think this is the shot I've chosen but I don't really know which effect I like. Let me know what you think, k? And I just love this one of Peyton...she was the only one willing to stay outside and let me shoot a couple more! Good GIRL!

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Tracy said...

I read you blog, I found it through Renee who is my sister in law. I love the picture. I said the same thing about putting the different effects on the pictures, and the I have found it depends on the card you have picked out.