Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So she's six now and pleased as punch with herself! I'm exhausted after a weekend of partying like a rockstar (well a 6 year old rockstar). It all started Friday with a "Diva Make-Over party" with about 20 girls, 12 of them about 6 years old. My sister was the wonderful up-do diva queen and transformed all of their hair into divalicious do's! Then they had make up expertly applied (well, kinda). Several strings of "pearls" and hot pink boas later...VIOLA'...DIVINE LITTLE DIVAS! They danced up a storm to the rockin' beat of HANNAH MONTANA of course and chowed on cupcakes and pizza. Peyton had her family and friends party on Sunday with her requested menu of BROCCOLI SALAD and Jewish APPLE CAKE birthday cake...she's one little chick who knows exactly what she wants!

I'm not even going to mention my Saturday other than to say that Matt played at Looney's and a good time was had by all...and it made Sunday that much more difficult to pull off! ;-)

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