Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring Special

I thought I better put a little note here about the spring special...I'm really excited about it! If you are not aware because I didn't send you an email about it, let me share the details! For anyone who has their WHIMAGES.COM portrait session in March or April, you will get with your disc of digital negatives, 1 6 x 6 enlargement, 2 5 x 7 enlargements and 8 wallets! As my little happy SPRING gift! cool huh? Email me for any questions: Oh and when I checked the whimages site this morning it was down, it might take them a couple hours to get it up...check back later, k?

This shot is for the mini book I am working on that I'm teaching at Scrap-Masters on the 19th. The book is for all SNAP-SHOTS 'cause we all have them! This is a quick pic of the zillion pair of Converse shoes that my family has. Callie has 3 pair alone! Love these shoes, vintage but fun and FUNKY! Matt's have peace signs on them...he wears them to gigs of course, you won't see him sportin' them to the office anytime soon!
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