Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The face of CRUELTY

It's the first face not the second...if you are wondering. Although Peyton does think if I don't have her toaster strudels hot and waiting and her school clothes warmed in the dryer before school that I am cruel but I beg to differ.

This little guy doesn't have a name yet although Callie is calling him Rufus. He's going to live with my sister Brandy. He's just 7 months old. He has splayed paws because his owners left him in the crate without the bottom. Standing on a crate for hours on end will do that to the paws of a makes their feet look huge and elongates the toe. His owner decided he didn't want him anymore and was going to have him put to sleep. He also said if no one would put him to sleep because of his age that he would just use a syringe of DRANO. Nice. I am trying really hard not to call that idiot things like SOB here but I want to keep my reputation of being NiCE but if anything ticks me off, it's people who are MEAN to kids and animals. Ticks. Me. Off. Luckily one of my neighbors stepped in (the guy was like the friend of a friend of a friends brother in law) So he ended up at my house last night. Levi McCoy was thrilled to PIECES to have someone to join in his non-stop capers. Levi actually wore the poor pup out and that is SAYING SOMETHING. Macy is just like "what the heck are you doing MOM!" She gets sick of the dogs that have been coming in and out of here lately. She tries her best to handle it with her ladylike behavior but even Grace Kelly had her limits.

And if you are wondering, no I think rescuing dogs is probably NOT on my short CAN DO list of things post-operatively but you know. The can do list basically consists of
1. stay on the couch
2. walk
3. stay on the couch
4. go potty
5. stay in the bed
6. go to post- op appointments

But what's an animal lovin girl to do?

SPEAKING OF BOXERS...Now this next picture is little Ms. Peyton yesterday. The OTHER front tooth is about to come out so it too had to be documented. She certainly is going to look like Leonard Spinx in a couple days
. (Notice my super awesome segway to boxers!)
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