Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm WAAAAYYY behind! AND a Peytonism!

I'm just now blogging Halloween so that might be some indication of the piles of work I'm under that I tackle between my medically induced naps! LOL

Okay, Peytonism first!  I had a friend come over this afternoon to keep me company and we giggled and laughed like goons and facebooked like we were 16 and had a glass of wine like the wine-needing mommies we are.  Another wonderful friend let Peyton stay at her house the ENTIRE day from 10:30 in the morning till like 3:30!  (JULIE M, you ROCK thank you and I owe you BIG TIME!) I napped during the day and pretty much did NOTHING but chillax (see even though I'm like old and stuff, I like to use the words my 12 year olds do.  I don't know, it just makes me cool or somethin!).  Yesterday and Friday I did waaaay too much and today my body said this morning, "look lady, we DON'T know who the H*ll you think you are but, we will not stand for this!  Get your flabby buttocks on the couch and STAY there".  I decided I better listen because I ignored that voice my body has for a while now and obviously my back has gone on strike and I really don't want any other important parts like that getting the same idea.  About the PEYTONISM.  Tina and I were chillaxin ( word AGAIN) and Peyton came in ramblin about the super fun day she had and this and that and everything.  Then she said, "I think I need a glass of wine!"  I think she must have picked that up at JULIE'S because I NEVER say that! ;-)

Halloween...Peyton was obviously Jasmine.  She was totally TICKED off at me because I made her wear a nude body suit underneath the costume because I was afraid she'd be cold.  She wore the same costume to a party a couple weeks ago with out the leotard and she liked the look much better (of course!)  Grace and Mason came down to Trick and Treat with our kids.  Grace wore the Chicken costume I made for P when she was 2.  Except she wore different chicken legs, hers were more practical.  Peyton wore yellow tights and yellow rubber dish gloves over her shoes.  GAWD I LOVE this costume...I bought soooo many white feather boas to make it!
Mason was a little Vampire and because of my incredible obsession with all things "Twilight", I think he looked EXCEPTIONALLY dazzling!  Lookout EDWARD!

Callie was an exotic bird.  She made it up her self and borrowed the mask from my friend Julie.  So I think that's Callie's empty bag for trick or treating on the floor there next to her.  I usually don't have random foil pieces in my foyer...occassionally drums from the husband but not foil unless Mr. Levi McCoy tore up the neighbors foil like in the previous post, then YEAH I might have foil in the foyer.

Cole (not pictured because he's too cool for that) wore all black and a panty hose over his head!  He looked CUTE even as a mean robber.
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