Thursday, March 19, 2009

She's SEVEN! AND a Peytonism for you.

Little Miss P turned 7 over the weekend. She commemorated the event with a Princess Tea Party, a dance party (to the Jonas Bros....who else?) and a slumber party. As you see the girls had a blast (I only let you dance on the couch at a do be alarmed), Levi joined in the fun with his boxer yodle and dance moves and Tina stopped by in her hospital scrubs 'cause she's certainly not one to miss a Princess party (notice her Tiara!).

Speaking of Peyton, here's a little Peytonism that happened last night. Peyton likes to put off her homework as long as possible and last evening was not an exception. We finally started it and I was more than a bit annoyed with her dilly-dallying getting the stuff out. She decides to have Daddy help her instead of me. Of course, I'm just terribly upset about that. Not. She had to read, and spell some power words and then tell an adult a sentence with them. The first word was KNOW. Her sentence was: "Now I know to start my homework early so Mom doesn't get pissed." After we stopped laughing (and explained that pissed should not be a word in her vocabulary) we did not let her write that one down. I don't think it would have gone over well with her Teacher.

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