Friday, April 3, 2009

Shinedown and some randomness (I'm relatively famous for my random thoughts-at least in my own mind)

For our anniversary ~16 years in a couple weeks~(you know cause we are big spenders and like the finer things in life and stuff...we've gone to Friendly's before at the kids request so you KNOW we're all fancy~shmancy) we went to see SHINEDOWN at Rams Head Live. This is the second time seeing them (also for our anniversary!) there and it is definately my FAVORITE venue to see a band and my favorite band to see perform. AWESOME, AWESOME. AWESOME. Always such a great concert. We were right up next to the stage, like literally NEXT to the stage, just a little fence thingy and some space seperating us. My husband snagged me a stool to sit on cause he loves me like that and you know the whole flippan back thing that I don't want to think about. I normally wouldn't have been able to do this but it was SHINEDOWN so I HAD to go! :-)

In other randomness:

*the terrible twosome (Levi and and his sweet faced-facaded partner Cosmo) chewed up one of my favorite Eliza B flip flops in the middle of the night. They got it out of the closet and I woke to shreads of black flip flop across the room.
*Peyton asked me what Breeding meant. So I told her it was like when two rabbits got together and made more. And she said, "more what? money?"
*My niece Grace found a coin and happily showed it to my sister Brandy and then told her it had GEORGE WASHMYCHIN on the back of it.
*Before leaving for the concert last night, the kids were all semi- jealous because they all love Shinedown too. I haven't really given them the choice considering I listen to the songs all the time. Peyton wanted me to make sure I told them that "they rock!".

*my surgery date was moved to early in May due to my pain level and the neurosurgeon thought it would be better. Callie and Cole weren't too happy (It's okay to be relatively self-centered at 13) (Heck, what am I talking about, I feel like I've been self-centered since July and the infamous getting out of bed and totally whacking my back episode) An annoyed Cole wanted to know if he could call me surgeon and complain. :-)
*I like orange
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