Friday, July 24, 2009

Power of suggestion?

Yes, I'm sweet and petite. See me over there! Well, we are all friends here, right? 5 7 1/2 isn't petite. And I really have not been sweet at all lately. This whole not working, pain thing just isn't doing it for me. Yeah, so I've had more than my share of pity parties and especially lately since the pain's been back. But, I woke up today and shoook off that funk! And you know what, I felt better about my life. So if you've spent time with me this week...sorry! :-)

Since I'm not working and Matt and I are constantly fussing with this and that around the house, my lack of income has hindered more than a few projects. Also take into consideration that I really feel like some how my 3 kids feel like I'm feeding a small army when it comes to the grocery store. Is it just me, or do kids snack more now than we did? I REALLY don't remember having snacks like my kids (and their peers from what I hear~ Gosh, I sound like Dr. Seuss). Anyway, I've been just moving stuff around the house to keep me happy. Just little changes here and there. This hooray flash card was on one of my magnet boards but I moved it to the kitchen sink. You know, the whole power of suggestion thingy. That's where I have my little family but I moved "me" next to my antique flower frog w/hoooray sign so I'd look like
a cute little Vanna White or something. Can't you imagine my little wooden arm in a sleek movement that showcases the letters? I revamped the foyer last spring but I just took a picture because you have to have something to look at, right? I'm really dying to spruce up the powder room and we have plans to paint the kitchen cabinets plus there is a REALLY fun little piece of outdoor furniture reading nook/covered bench that my very talented husband has drawn plans up for me.

Speaking of reading, I've decided my forced semi-restful lifestyle has really fed my book obsession. This is the whole, honest truth. Since last Saturday (it's Friday night now) I've finished a Barbara Delinsky book (Looking for Peyton Place) and read James Patterson's "When The Wind Blows" and it's sequel, "The Lake House", as well as Sara Gruen's (of "Water For Elephants" fame) "Riding Lessons". It's sick. I need help. Readers Anonymous or something.

This last shot is little Mr. Hammer. He's my dear friend Stephanie's new fur-nephew. He's just a doll! She brought him over for me to meet him and Levi and I fell deep in looooove. I put Macy and Coz outside because it would have been too overwhelming for him. He's just 10 weeks. SWEET!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn, Thanks for stopping by and visiting me! I'm sorry you are suffering after your back surgery. Your blog is very interesting to me. Hope you feel better soon!