Monday, August 3, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

My blog title is what's currently on my chalkboard. It's from a British sign that was prevelant during one of the world wars but I think it's relevant anytime! Dang, I wish my kids would keep CALM. LOL This sweet and lovely water lily was smiling up at me from our pond on Saturday. I think it might be the most lovely one we've ever had!

I posted a photo of my husband's other woman last year. He was holding her like a baby on the couch watching tv. Now she is totally making the moves on my man. This is what I have to compete with. She's lovely, has gorgeous eyes like dark dove chocolate. Her hair glistens with russet highlights. Her body is sleek and toned and while athletic, she still has the grace of a princess and the regal bearing of one as well. She allows us to live in her dog house. How can I ever compare?

Stephanie is going to kill me for posting this photo. Especially since I haven't photo shopped it at all, although I'm the one needing the photo shop here. I'm getting a little Mt. Kilamanjaro over there by one of my eyebrows and look at those wrinkles! It's one of those extreme closeups where you hold the camera yeah at least I think we look better in person! Several weeks ago, we took the kids swimming in a stream and
Steph and I just hung out. She is just the most wonderful friend that anyone could ask for and I can get teary-eyed thinking of the zillions of ways I'm thankful for her. She just had a B-day and we haven't celebrated yet, so I wanted to say happy Birthday Stephanie...I haven't forgotten!
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