Sunday, September 20, 2009

SUNFLOWERS and a quick kitchen update!

Yesterday, my thoughtful husband and I took the Jeep by ourselves (YES, remarkably sans children!) to a couple sunflower fields a friend of his told him about. It really brightened my day. How can anyone, ANYONE ever be a bit gloomy while looking at that sea of happy SUNNY FACES! I just loved them all. Something about a flower that's as big as you and it's bloom is bigger than your head just makes me grin!

Last week I woke up one morning with a twinge in my ear and another little twinge in my OTHER ear. So I didn't think much of it. 24 hours later, I was feverish and miserable! Even on the pain medicine I take for my back pain, it sure hurt like heck! I went to Expresscare and was given drops and an oral antibiotic but by Tuesday, my jaw was sooooo out of line that I talked completely like Carol Channing. You know, the lady with the lamb puppet called LAMBCHOP? I don't have the best voice anyway, it's a bit Minnie Mouse-ish. It's okay, I'm a big girl and can pull up my big girl panties and admit it. So then I sounded like Carol Channings mutated lamb-ouse. Pretty funny considering I really couldn't hear either. I went at least 24 hours with almost complete silence minus the sound of my blood pumping and my breathing. Not looking forward to that ever again. I struggled to speak with the sweet mentally challenged gentleman at physical therapy. I really couldn't hear him and I don't think he could understand my speech! Finally, one of the aides came to his rescue and told him I couldn't hear him. He then gave me a sly and knowing grin 'cause I guess we were both sorta sitting in the same boat!

AND ON THE KITCHEN FRONT:   Matt has put 3 coats of satin poly on the cabinets and we painted the nobs.  Now there is only about 3/4 more of the kitchen cabinets to do!  LOL  On the upside...the reclaimed wood for the island and desk are supposed to be delivered tomorrow morning at 9:00 am!  I'll post photos tomorrow, so check back!  PLUS*** an awesome recipe for THE BEST SHEPARDS PIE!!!  It's totally DELISH~!!!
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