Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Debit Card and Dog friendly shopping

This little IMP, Gracie often has the funniest things to say. So instead of a Peytonism, I'm going to give you a Gracieism. My sister was getting non perishable foods together to take to a food drive at Grace's dance class. She explained to Grace and Mason about people who are less fortunate and sometimes they need people to give them food. Grace said, "If they need food, why don't they just use their debit card?" She's 3 and 3/4! I think she looks like she's practicing her Sports Illustrated poses in this photo from August. I love it!

We visited my brother in law Ron, my dear sister in law, Michele and our nephews: Ryan, Dylan and Trevor this weekend in Virginia. Going there is always awesome. Well, not the going, because you have to go through D.C. but the being there is GREAT. They have a lovely home and I swear, Michele could open up a Bed and Breakfast! The food, amenities and entertainment (with 6 kids total) is always GREAT. We took Macy with us because we've been having some issues at home with the three dogs. VERY UNFORTUNATELY. It's very upsetting so I'm not going to talk about it but I will say that Macy ended up having over 20 staples a couple of weeks back. Ron and Michele have 2 sweet Shelties and the three of them got along just like cousins should. On Sunday, we went to a really cool outdoor Mall that was dog friendly. I think it's called StoneyPoint. They even have doggie water fountains! All of the stores had a little dogs welcome sign posted. The first store we went in was Restoration Hardware, and Macy wasn't really sure what to think. (I think she saw some of their prices!) By the second store she acted like she owned the place and went shopping everyday! Such a cool idea to have a dog friendly atmosphere! Although I DO wonder what would happen if a doggie lifted his little leg in Brooks Brothers?

Matt's working hard on the cabinets again. He has 6 more primed and coated with the first coat of black. I can't wait to show you those! He put a cool little plate ledge in the cabinet above my microwave so I can stand up a white platter in the back and put other goodies in the front. I scored some REALLY VERY nice large, thick clear glass cereal bowls at the dollar store the other day. They are BIG but my kids like cereal (I LIKE cereal) so they were perfect! He also put 3 cool undercabinet lights too. I totally love them because I didn't have a light over by my mixer.

Poor little Peyton has had a fever and tonsilitis. She's the first one of our kids to ever have gotten that. There has been another death of a school aged child in MD with the Swine flu. 2 out of 4 of one of my neighbors kids has been diagnosed with it...eeeek. Our kids haven't been around them at all, thank goodness. Our local health dept. sent home a letter saying that the many cases of flu in our county are predominately H1N1. That's freaking me out. The kids have had their reg flu shot (well not Peyton yet, 'cause she was sick), and I'm really debating about the swine flu shot. Scary stuff!
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