Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hazy Summer Days and a Peytonism

EDIT:  I was getting ready to eat a bowl of blueberries before I blogged.  So I figured I snap a shot of them first.  Blueberries and summer just go together!  I think blueberries are beautiful!  ...and yes, I ate EVERY SINGLE FAT JUICY BERRY, except for the ones that spilled and my partner in blueberry crime (Cosmo) gobbled them up double quick!
Hot. Sticky. Humid. That's Maryland in the summer for sure.  It's been especially THICK the past week, so much so that our amusement park day trip turned into an "in the mall" day trip!  The handy Husband took off of work and we took the punkettes and the punk to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY for lunch. YUM. DOUBLE YUM! Then we bustled our over full bellies around the mall and dropped cash like we had it in Holister and American Eagle and Justice too.  I felt like the harried mom of twins for sure in Holister (the store really has the AROMA).  It's divided in two halves, the girls and the boys.  Having Callie and Cole hand me back jeans and ask for different sizes and washes and whatever else as they cooled their high school headed heels in the dressing rooms was chaotic to say the least.  I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off.  A happy chicken, but STILL a crazy one!  Peyton's a bit easier.  The UNIVERSE could not handle two Peyton's so it's a good thing she's our "plus one" as in twins plus one. 
Speaking of Peyton, I have a new Peytonism for you. Two actually.  One of Cole's friends has an exchange student from Spain named Hector.  We've spent several days with Hector this summer and it has really interested the kids in the exchange program.  I had an exchange student from France while in high school and I think it's the coolest experience and I hope that our children get to experience that as well.  (NOT them going abroad...this nervous Nelly Momma could NOT handle that)  Anyway, one day Peyton was posing questions about Hector and Spain and she said, "Did he drive here?"  I'm assuming (and praying) that they havent' done a lot of geography in 1st and 2nd grade. 

A day or so later, we were on our way to my physical therapy and Peyton asked when her half birthday was.  So I gave her the date.  Immediately she said, "and when will I be 8 1/2?"  Ummm, I thought that was the point of the original question!  She's just like her Momma, smiling with her head up in the clouds!


Eri said...

Oh, I would like an half bithday too !!! with a wonderful half party, just for very few friends! yes yes it'as a strange idea for a 36 years old, but funny!!! Peyton you're fantastic!!!
... and the cheesecake factory... wow, double wow!!!

It's me said...

Cheesecake factory ?????...o my........what a lovely story.....a half birthday party......hahahahah!! i like the all one !.....have a happy weekend my darling.............hugs from me.....

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I would rather skip a year every other year - birthdays come so fast when you're a grownup

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

She is too cute=0) And who wouldn't want to celebrate with cake, LOL!

I have some friends that always had exchange students come and stay at their home. They have had really great experiences and have stayed in close contact with all!!!

Hope you have a great weekend,

Val said...

Very cute post!!

Josh said...

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