Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time for odds and ends

I'm going to a flea market today with my Dad, and taking the camera!  So come back later to see what I found!
One of my favorite antique malls closed this spring, much to my dismay.  It was housed in a HuGE old mill and I really LOVED it.  Luckily we discovered it was purchased by new owners and just opened.  I was able to talk Handy Husband into checking it out recently.  I wanted to know what I "NEEDED" LOL!  I told him I have been looking for antique alarm clocks (I really need 3, 'cause I like to have 3 or 5 of things. Yeah, I'm a freak.)  We walked into the almost vendor-less space and the first booth had about 7 different kinds.  It was FATE, I tell you!  Now to get 2 more...

HEY, BTW...I added a TRANSLATE widget for my friends across the big pond!

ALSO: THERE is a GREAT giveaway at the FABULOUS blog Urban Farmgirl where she is giving away a 50 GC to whiteflower farmhouse! YES!!! GO check it out!

During our back to school shopping escapades, one morning we drove to Lancaster, PA and had a wonderful breakfast at Willow Valley Resort.  Willow Valley is actually in Willow Street, PA which I think has the claim to fame of being John and Kate plus 8's original home.  We didn't see Kate. sorry. ;-) 

We DID however get to go into the RESTORATION HARDWARE outlet which was still VERY pricey but set up like a TRUE outlet store with boxes and bins of stuff.  It was very exciting until we saw the prices weren't all THAT.  We went to the Pottery Barn outlet and that was MUCH better.  Resonable prices with a nice mix of store/outlet feel.  It's worth the trip.  The other outlet worth the trip was the UNDER ARMOUR outlet. WOW! Cole, Matt and Peyton all got new running shoes.  Cole's size 13 BOATS were MSRP $118.00 for $34.99.  All three of them were $34.99 each!  Good deals!  Callie in her skinny little frame was able to get size 0 Jeans at American Eagle for $10.00.  We finished up the day with 5 big Sonic Slushes (we do NOT have a Sonic...yes, it's sad!)

If I owe you a photo from a giveaway, they shipped out today. SO VERY SORRY FOR THE DELAY.  Speaking of giveaways.  There is a site I was contacted by that puts giveaways all in one spot.  You might want to check it out! It's 

Sorry for the NON exciting post...I do have something FUN up my sleave for you in the next couple days!


It's me said...

Hi Robyn...nice to here from you again........i hope everything goes well with you.......wishing you a beautiful sunday......i can't wait the things you are do right now......???? Ria....

Wendy said...

What a fun day!! We love Lancaster County and of course the outlets!! Glad you had lots of fun :)

My Cottage Charm said...

Can I say I'm a little jealous that you were shopping while I was sitting in the hospital with my honey. :) Just kidding!!! We are finally home now, they wanted to keep him another night, but he fluttered his big baby blues and said, "no"! lol The doc said his kidneys were the only things not functioning properly, but told him if he promised to drink lots, she would let him go with a follow up appt to his own doc on here we are. :) He has kept down some liquids and toast since we've been home, so that's a good sign. :)
Sounds like you had a great shopping trip, with some really good deals! That's the one good thing about homeschooling...I don't really have to go school shopping...I'm the only one that sees him! lol I would shop for Lincoln, but he's going to do his first semester online, so no one will see him either! Guess I get to save money there, but spend it on his books! Jeesh!
Better run...haven't eaten much in the last two days and I'm feeling a touch weak.
love ya much girlie!
PS, I feel bad you don't have a sonic...I HAVE to have a lemon berry slush at least once a week!!

Dayle said...

We spent time in PA last summer. Beautiful state, with or without Sonic. :)

I just started a series called Simple Pleasures on Thursdays. Would love you to link up some Thursday.

Anonymous said...