Wednesday, September 22, 2010


EDIT:  You will want to check back, I'm having a GIVE AWAY from a COMPANY you are not going to want to miss~!  It's going to be GREAT!
I don't know about you, but it feels like we've put out a kajillion dollars in school supplies this year. I'm going to rant here for a moment about teachers.  Before you send me hate mail, please know that my husband was an elementary and middle school teacher for 13 years and STILL works in the school system.  I also think that teachers are unsung heros and are WAY underpaid. However, with that being said, I wish I had kept the supply lists for each of my children and scanned them in here to show you. Every year the school supply list is getting more and more insane.  Let's talk about the high schoolers for a moment and I'm not EVEN going to mention the $99.00 graphing calculators times 2 for twins.  Cole needs a pack of  50 index cards that are SPIRAL bound EVERY TWO WEEKS.  They both needed about 27.00 each in art supplies for fine art.  I will be ecstatic if I get anything out of them remotely fine art-ish.  I will crumble up a piece of that 13.00 sketch pad and eat it.  They have MANY other odd little expensive items on their NEED list too(like 2 different types of colored pencils and 4 different colored highlighters) but I'll spare you.  Peyton, who's over there in these photos.  Needed basically a folder with brads in every color of the rainbow.  (that's a wee exageration but not too much) Is it seriously going to be a catastrophe if she uses a blue folder for Math instead of yellow when there is a HUGE label on it that says MATH?  She needed a bunch of glue sticks, pencil sharpener, lots of pencils, crayons in two sizes, colored pencils, etc and so on.  Her's wasn't so bad compared to the twins.

All of this talk leads me to a NEW PEYTONISM.  If you search Peytonism in my search engine when you are feeling a bit blue, it will surely lift your spirits.  Here's the latest one...
Peyton came home from school yesterday a bit exasperated.  She washed her grubby little hands and attacked the fridge and the pantry like a linebacker.  She sat down to her snack and I asked how her day went.  She shared a few tidbits and then said, "Mom, you REALLY NEED to get me some TRANSFORMERS!"  The word Transformers coming out of this little ladies mouth is beyond shocking.  Diva is this childs middle name.  I'm not sure there is an 8 year old in existance with more estrogen.  Of course I'm sure I looked at her like she sprouted a third eye and then I asked why on Earth would she want Transformers.  She opened one of her zillion rainbow hued folders and pointed to the tears along the hole punches.  Then it dawned on me that she wanted RE-INFORCERS.
These photos were taken over the weekend. Little miss Diva poses herself.

About the SCENTSY.  Ever since I was fortunate enough to WIN a plug in Scentsy from The Lettered Cottage , I've been in LOVE with the product.  If you've ever read my profile, you might know I have a "thing" for good smelling THINGS!  I've already ordered several Christmas presents because they make perfect gifts, even for YOURSELF!  I'm having a party next week, so I hope my friends can make it!  If anyone wants to check out the party, the online party is here!


Judy said...

It's unreal what the teachers and/or schools require. My daughter has 6 year old twins and even after she got most everything on her list, I still picked up about $50 worth of MORE stuff she didn't have time to pick up. Good grief!


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

No hate mail from me....that's rediculous! that kind of thing never happened when I was growing up in school at least that I remember.
Your daughter is a cutie... diva or not!

Lynda said...

WIEUS Robyn, you make my head spin!!!! Transformers, Diva's, markers, folders, scenty's.etc etc.....I was JUST over all those things, and forgot about the pricetags.....(my oldest entered secondary school just 3 weeks ago)....thank you for bringing that back ;)!
But......I'm not gonna be sad about it anymore.....if I see how much she loves it to go there( ofcourse she immidiately thinks she's not a kid anymore*sigh*) I'm writing this to you, our newest furry friend is purring in my arms(which makes typing a lot harder, because I don't want to wake the little scamp;)) this is gonna be ANOTHER lovely day!!!!


It's me said...

It's crazy !! what the and schools require......when we where young such things don't happened....but your girl is so cute !! so levely...i think just like her mom...but tell me???.....why you must go to some transformers what is wrong with you???????? love love Ria.....

awal.ny said...

My dad was a math teacher while I was growing up and my sister is in the school system so I hear a lot of what is wrong with our schools. However, I am thankful we live in New York and have great public schools. It is not so much that I hate the list of supplies we have to buy, more the fact that we do not receive the list until the week before school, after all the supplies are gone. And since when does a 1st grader need a black pen, not, that is part of the teacher's supply list and they are passing it on to us, that I do NOT like.
Rant over! Your daughter is adorable and so are your twins. I love their smiles. I hope your school year goes well. We have already started the fight over homework with our oldest son.

Cheyenne said...


I'm new to your blog and happy I 'popped' in...

Your little girl did make me grin today! :)

School gear is wild, eh? It makes me afraid for when my little bub hits that age! ;)