Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolutions

My Kitchen

The Container Store
What is it about New Years that makes you want to CLEAN, ORGANIZE AND PURGE?  We flock to Target and Walmart's container section like geese on a migration path.  The dollar section of my local target is currently filled with beconing bright buckets and fluffy microfiber dust mitts.  Putting away the Christmas tree must trigger the inner cleaning lady in all of us!  I think getting organized is tied for loosing weight as the top resolutions.  I know they are MINE!  I wish I could drop pounds as easily as I drop off stuff at Goodwill...hmmm.  What have you been working on?

I think the past 5-6 weeks is the longest break from blogging I've ever taken.  Initially I couldn't blog because our computer decided to take an irreversible crash.  Then we bought a new lap top that would start all over every couple days as though it was brand new or it would lock up. WEIRD!  We finally bit the bullet the week of Christmas (GREAT timing) and got a new desktop with a huge screen. YAY!  So, I'm back BABY! :-)

In SCENTSY news:  We've been having so much fun with our little SCENTSY VENTURE .  The month of January is a wonderful month to have a basket party because it is DOUBLE HALF PRICE month.  Meaning, that we double how ever many half price items your party earns.  It's also "bring back my bar" month with 20 special edition scents that are only available in January.  That's a total of 101 different wonderful scents!  BTW, a basket party is fun because we could be across the country from each other and you could still have a Scentsy party.  This is how it works, I send you everything (80 sample scents, catalogs, orderforms, a sample bar and a calculator) in a pretty little "got scents?" market basket.  You can have friends over or you can take the basket to work or your kids sports events.  You share Scentsy and earn free and half price items almost effortlessly!

So many things to say that I'm a bit overwhelmed.  I'll never catch up but at least this is a start.  Now to try

The Container Store
to catch up with everyone else's  blogs...


It's me said...

Welcome back !!!! nice to see your post...i miss you......did you get my christmas card by mail ???...lovely day love love Ria...xxxx....

Lynda said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH look who's back!!!!!!!
Happy new year babes!!!! Great to see you again! And happy to hear it was "only"due to a broken pc;)!!!

Rene Foust said...

Hi Robyn I am so glad you are back I was worried that something was wrong. Happy New Year!

McCarthy Designs said...

Welcome back Robyn and Happy New Year. I pray that 2011 is full of love, laughter and good health for you and your loved ones. I wish my extra pounds would drop off that easily too! xx