Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine Cupcakes To Go With Those Liners

A sea of yummy cupcakes!

Stiff peak
A couple days ago, I posted an easy and fun Valentine's day craft using pretty little polka dot cupcake liners.  Today I woke up feeling like baking!I have a lot of leftover cupcake liners so cupcakes were the obvious choice. I'd MUCH rather bake than make dinner...actually I'd more than likely rather eat dessert than dinner too!  I've been inspired so much lately by the gobs of PINK everywhere for Valentines day so of course, I had to make pink cupcakes  in pink polka dots too!  The weather today was messing with my back so I cheated and quickly made a box French Vanilla cake into cupcakes.  NEVER be ashamed to make a box cake! ;-)  I knew I wanted to make home made frosting (now that's something I almost ALWAYS do, just because I like to!) so I wanted to put the time into the frosting not the cake.  Today I choose a meringue frosting, one of my favorites!  I love meringue frosting because it's fat free and so tasty. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID?  It is FAT FREE! YUM!  You are going to LOVE that because you will soon realize, as you are scraping the side of the bowl and you lick a little bit off of your fingers, that you will NOT be offering the beater to the kids because you want it ALL for yourself. FAT FREE! 

Pastry bag and pretty pink gel color
As I mentioned, I love making homemade frosting.  There's a funny little story on my old blog that involves FRENCH BUTTERCREAM(can you say DECADENT?), cupcakes and a sweet dog named Chester. It's here .

This frosting is delicious and oh, did I already mention that it's FAT FREE?  It's a 3 ingredient recipe: egg whites, white sugar and vanilla.  You cook it a bit then whisk it till it begs for mercy and you end up with LOVELY, FAT FREE glossy peaks.  I added a hint of pink color to mine because Callie wanted pink frosting.  If you do this, use a gel color so you won't dilute the proportions.  There is a recipe for this fabulous frosting HERE .  Don't forget, it's fat free!
Naked cupcakes!

All gussied up.  Now that's better!


Sara @ thesherlockshome said...

Yumm! I had a craving for cupcakess late last week....but mine were a complete failure. These look sooooo much better. I'm going to have to try that frosting too!

It's me said...

Robyn...they look delicious !!! lovely day love