Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Red Velvet Cake Balls

Yes, I had to do it.  I HAD to have a cake ball post of my very own.  I've been ohhhing and ahhhing over Bakerella's yummy and often adorable cake balls and cake pops for about 2 years now.  Cold, snowy weather often flips some internal switch for me and then I MUST BAKE.  Over the past two weeks I've made: 4 batches of Nana's butter cookies (Eddie Ross even loves these!), soft and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies, a pound cake, homemade carrot cake cupcakes with decadent cream cheese frosting (the recipe is on here somewhere), vanilla cupcakes with meringue frosting,  white chocolate dipped oreo cookie pops and now a batch of red velvet cake balls.  Peyton loves red velvet cake and has requested these for her SWEET SHOP BIRTHDAY PARTY, since I have never made them before, I thought I better do a test run. Since everything at Peyton's party will be white and pink, these dipped in RICH white chocolate, should be perfect!

Bakerella uses a box cake and canned frosting, so the baking part isn't so time consuming.  Next time I make these (for Peyton's party) I'm going to refrigerate the cake/frosting mixture so that the balls will be easier to form and hopefully I can make them smaller like Bakerella suggests.
OHHH, hey, LOOK, there is a BOX TOP on this frosting.  I'm more than a little obsessed with collecting box tops for my munchkin's schools.

I'm not a huge chocolate cake fan but I think these lushious lumps of moist cake look lovely!
OH MY!  Look at that yummy, big DOLLOP of cream cheese frosting.  My heart goes pitter patter for you, oh yumilicious frosting!
Ooops, I must have looked like I was having too much fun so the littlest munchkin decided that I needed her help with dipping the cake balls into the white chocolate.  She does a GREAT job...she must get her culinary skills from her Momma. ;-)
No comment necessary.  I'll just let you take in this sight.

Sorry for the flash photos, we made these last NIGHT

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Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

oh my goodness - these look delich! How did you get them so round and was the dipping part tedious?

Robyn said...

Hi Joyce! When you mix the frosting completely in with the cake it sort of forms a dough. Then you just roll them in your hands. I like working with chocolate so I actually find dipping them a bit zen-ish except when my youngest's definitaly a bit more stressful but she loves it and how else will they learn!?

Kate said...

That is one thing I do not do I do not bake yummy goodies, Wow those look incredible. Also Grand dad's tool chest is divine. Good luck on adding to your little vintage clock collection. I found some of mine at Estate sales and I was in Love. Have a wonderful week


oldgreymare said...

I should not have looked at these before leaving for I'll be hungry all morning.

What a good baking Mama you are!

BTW I have a cheese box chest very similar in my bathroom. One of my favorite pieces though it's heritage is unknown. Yours is that much more special because of it's origin.

Anonymous said...

They are almost too pretty to eat. Nah, I'd eat a couple or five :)

Thanks for sharing the recipe! Looks like a fun one to try for parties. xo ~Michelle

Sara @ thesherlockshome said...

Yummy! These look great! Your chocolate coating looks so good. I did cake balls at Christmas for the first time, but had way larger "feet" on mine. Your's look way better!

Ms. Bake-it said...

They look great Robyn! I think I will make some for Valentine's Day.

~ Tracy

Sunny simple life said...

Oh my Gosh I am going to get fat just looking at this post. I love anything Red Velvet and how cute they are. Perfect for a shower too. And you mentioned caramel on the dipped pretzels first. Great idea. I LOVE caramel and chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Me+Recipe = Happy Dance !

Loads ;) of thanks

this is going to be the best snow day ever!
Elise x

Simply Bungalow said...

Those look so yummy!

Susan said...

Hello Robyn,
These look very enticing! And they're so pretty, too.
Happy WW and thanks for visiting my blog!
- Susan

Urban Farmgirl said...

Robyn, they look FANTASTIC! I am getting ready to do a little baking myself. ;o) Don't tell anyone, but I *LOVE* snow days!


Theresa said...

Those look so yummy! I think your right, it is the weather! I made muffins this morning and soup this afternoon and my 12 year old, Hannah made peanut butter cookies and brownies! It's all about 'snuggling in' and eating good! Stay warm! Theresa xoxo

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

I MUST HAVE A NOT BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! Really...these are too much=0) I hope you had some for breakfast, lol.

Have a great night,

awal.ny said...

They look yummy and I am sure your daughter is going to have a wonderful birthday party.

My Cottage Charm said...

Howdy girlfriend! :)
Hope you're've gone and made me want cake! lol (like I needed any help! hee hee hee) Seriously though, those looks absolutely divine!
:) you use the whole tub of icing to one cake mix? I'm really gonna have to try these!
Hey..TJ is doing better...he's still sore, but at least his heart is perfect! (but I already knew that) :)
love YOU!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Robyn,
My post is up for you and Scentsy. Thanks for waiting for me & my busy schedule.