Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rainbow Birthday Party Invitations and Bubble Gum Favors!

EDIT:  The Birthday Party is HERE!
It's almost birthday season at the Bedsaul House.  Our little one, Peyton is in March (turning 10) and the twins, Callie and Cole will be 16 in May. (YES, oh holy COW the twins turning 16 just feels unreal! Where DOES the time go?!) Peyton is just as addicted to PINTEREST as I am.  She decided a while back that she wanted a Rainbow Theme Party!  I've slowly been accumulating candy and decorations for a couple months. It's easier on the budget that way!  I went to Etsy and searched Rainbow party invites and showed them all to Ms. P.  I had my heart set on a certain one but wanted it to be her decision.  Miraculously (well maybe not, we have similar taste) she choose my favorite!  It's a sweet little invite that's bright but still has a bit of a vintage feel.  You can see the fabulous seller here.  Peyton had some specifics she wanted on her invite (she's a GIRL who knows WHAT she wants!!!) and sweet Paige was happy to accommodate.  GREAT seller! I found the lyrics to the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" on Pinterest and just made it rainbow instead of the plain ochre color it had been.  On the flip side of that we put the slumber party instructions.  Added a little TINSEL GLITTER from Micheal's and we were done.  Oh and we lined the envelopes with a shot of Peyton but I wish I would have desaturated and overexposed it more. Next time I will.

When I was in the dollar tree and saw these little gumball machines at the bottom of the shelf, I knew they would be a GREAT favor. AND soooo cheap too!  A bag of gumballs for DT and the machine and you have a 2 dollar favor. AWESOME!  I hope to get some tags done for them too.  I still have to make the rainbow bunting and the rainbow table cloth that Peyton has requested.  I think that girls going to be a party planner to the stars!

I'll be posting more about Peyton's party as I get things done. Come on back!


June said...

It sounds like a perfect party for your darling Peyton! I love the gumball machines!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

This is going to be the cutest party ever! How I miss my little girls parties. Mine is in college and now I have 2 boys at home. Really, only the youngest one still has themed parties.
Catching up on your blog this morning. So many pretty posts!

Zane Wooder said...

I remember one of my neighbors giving me a gumball machine similar to the one in the pictures. I thought how the gumball machine worked was more interesting then the tasty gum ball I got.

-Zane of ontario honey

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