Friday, August 10, 2012


Just a couple weeks ago, after an EXTREME case of buyers remorse we hopped aboard Royal Caribbean's EXPLORER OF THE SEAS.  As with most vacations, having a family of five is way more expensive then a family of 4 because you need two rooms.  Alas, we put the thought of our empty wallet aside and planned on having a great time. Believe me, we DID!!!  There were about 50 people in our group and that made the trip that much more fun.  It was AWESOME for our kids to have other kids their age on the SAME vacation!  Can you imagine being in high school and going on a cruise ship with a BUNCH of your friends?  Life time memories. Totally!  It was our first cruise ever and our first time out of the country.  Bermuda is GORGEOUS, it's beaches were incredible and the people there were so delightful.  

Just about a week before we left, my beloved camera decided to die. URGH!!  Taking photos was one of the things I was incredibly looking forward to on this trip.  I shipped it off to a little old foreign man (I found him mentioned on a bunch of Canon message boards) in NJ to get an estimate.  Luckily for me, my wonderful friend Stephanie was going on the trip with us so she let me accost her camera when my shutter happy fingers got too twitchy.  Thank GOD for Stephanie!  Enjoy some of the shots I took...

Achilles Bay Beach, if you look closely, our ship is in the distance on the left

My "nephew" Gavin and my daughter Peyton at Horseshoe Bay Beach

Minty painted houses of Bermuda

Cole, Callie and Peyton with Achilles Bay Beach behind them

The dockyard in St. Georges township

Fort St. Catherine
Choplins Cove

Tobacco Bay

Achilles Bay

Road down to Tobacco Bay Beach

Dockyard at St. Georges


Rene Foust said...

What a wonderful opportunity! Sometimes you just have to spend the money to make the memories. You won't be sorry you took the plunge.

French Charmed ~ Chelle said...

It looks beautiful! I've always thought about going on a cruise, and you may have just convinced me! :)

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...


Eddie Ross said...

Dreamy! Always wanted to go to Bermuda...

E + J

Pearly Craig said...

Beautiful images. Seriously you can be a pro! I am a beach bum too, and i wish i can experience cruise ship someday. ~