Friday, February 29, 2008

A whole lotta nuthin'

Aren't these the cutest little rainboots evah? They almost (ALMOST) make me want it to rain! Although right about now I'd love LOVE love for a nice 65 degree day!

I've become aware that occasionally people widdle away their lunch hours (or half hours or something) with me (or my blog, actually) I don't really find my own blog all that interesting although it's something I LOVE to do write here for me and YOU but I LOVE to widdle away my time on here when Peyton's still sleeping or late at night when everyone else is zzzzz. I'm not going to mention the lunch time viewers (Missy~ opps, did I type that out-loud?) but I figured I should give them something more interesting than my rainboots pics or my numerous pics of my dogs snurglin'! So here you go....some of my favorite sites to waste time on that I don't have...ENJOY! -kills me with it's cuteness -Fab photos of ultra cute doggies Charlie the coyote...I've shared him his story! ultra fab doggie photog's blog, her site is awesome too! She gives me a laugh everytime, great writing! She is cooking for cowboys people! so you know it's gotta be GOOD and rib-stickin too!

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