Friday, January 16, 2009

Computer HELL and DISNEY and a LOVELY spinal headache

Our computer crashed with some weird something or other and we have a hard drive failure. URGH. Thank GOD we bought the extended warranty! It's leaving today to go the the hard drive doctor so I'll be without it. So Call me if you need me. :-)

Next week, my father is taking me and my kids and my sister and her kids to DISNEY WORLD! WOOOO HOOOO! We are so excited...can't wait to see Grace and Mason's little faces! The cool thing is that we are staying in the same resort as two of our neighbors families and my other friend Tina and her family are going too! It's gonna be a blast! Poor Matt is staying home with the doggies. Winter is not a good time to vacation when you are one of the people who decide whether or not the roads are too dangerous due to snow or sleet for the kids to have school.

I had my second epidural injection earlier this week. What an adventure! The procedure itself was so much more smooth this time and much less painful. Afterwards I stood up and said something about how easy that was. Well...I spoke too soon because suddenly someone hit me in the base of my head/top of my neck with a baseball bat going ninety miles an hour! Well, not literally but it sure as HECK felt like it! Apparently I had something called a spontaneous spinal headache. Sounds like fun? The rapid drop in blood pressure was kinda nice considering my head and legs didn't feel like they were attached to my body. Could have been a semi fun ride minus the unbearable gnashing pain in my brain. They went right back in and did something called an epidural blood patch. Which basically means taking blood from your hands and putting it into the area where you had the epidural. When you have a spinal headache like that, your spinal fluid is leaking from your spine. It's normally a good idea to keep spinal fluid where it the spine. So the blood patch will go into the area and stop up the hole where the fluid is leaking by clotting, like sticking your thumb in a hole in a dam. Pretty cool theory! It worked so that was awesome! Unfortunately, because of the blood pressure issue it took about forever (really) to get the 22 cc's of blood from my hands. I'm fine now and felt pretty good within an hour afterward. Good times for sure! :-) I just had to lay flat and drink LOTS of caffeine (HEY, Mr. Barista, can I have a grande skinny vanilla latte with 3 extra shots PLEASE!)

So I won't be here for a while...with out the computer, I can't really post! But hopefully when I get back it will be done and I'll have SUPER cute pics of the kids having a good ol' Mickey time! :-)

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