Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where to begin?

LOOOOONG post ahead alert!

We've been without a computer forever. Tina came to my rescue and lent us a computer while I work on a website for their company. If you are one of the 2 clients that's waiting for your pics...I'm just waiting on my hard drive to come back...sorry!

I wonder what you want to hear about first? I'll start with Disney. My Dad took my sister's family and my family last week. The weather was AWESOME! AWESOME! (sorry to rub it in was AWESOME!) The mornings and evenings were a tad chilly but that was it! I just mainly tagged along for the ride (actually the lack there of, well the good ones at least like the rockin' coaster and space mountain). More on that in a couple paragraphs. Callie actually got on Space Mountain. TWICE! This is momentous, truly monumental in the history of fraidy cat Callie! And Grace is going to be a daredevil just like Peyton. Her two favorite rides were the Haunted Mansion
and Barnstormer, she referred to that as a big girl ride! Mason thought he was as big as the rest of the crew except when a character came around...then he high-tailed it toward his mom.

A Cinderella story...sorta
Before we left I made a quick trip to Old Navy to get the girls some capri leggings and I picked up a pair of super cute silver ballet flats for Peyton. I had been looking for a pair that I liked so I snatched those up. When I came home I put them in the large bag we were checking (we only checked one because it's 15 dollars a bag...I was being bargain Betty). A while later I ran upstairs to grab something else and the terrible twosome each had a pretty little silver ballet flat as a chewbone. They were still attached to each other with elastic so the two devildogs had to lay directly next to each other to get their chew on! So I scolded them and put the now distressed silver ballet flats in the suitcase and zipped it up. Let me tell you, these ballet flats were NOT meant to be. Fourth night into the trip we had dinner reservations at Chef Mickey's with my friends
Tina, Lisa and their kids and Mom. As we hopped off the monorail in the Contemporary, Peyton starts fussing((here's the Cinderella part) that she lost a shoe. So I frantically turn around and look into the crowded monorail and ask if anyone sees a little silver shoe. Then I look down the 4 inch crevice between the monorail and the platform and see a glint of silver way far down. great. I take a crying and hobbleing Cinderpeyton down to Chef Mickeys to check in and then we were off to buy some shoes. She ended up with a really cute pair of sparkly High School Musical Flip Flops. I'm still sad about the silver shoes. This could ONLY happen to Peyton.

Okay, here comes the pity party that you are all probably getting used to hearing by now. Robyn's back, yadda yadda, bla bla bla. Unfortunately, my last epidural steroid injection only lasted 5 days (so I had that GOSH DARN spinal headache for NOTHING). So my doctor loaded me up with meds and sent me off to the happiest place on earth in a pretty happy state mentally!
Next week I'm having something called a discogram. They inject dye at 20psi into a good disc and measure your response. Then they try to do the same into the bad discs and measure your responses. After, they do a cat scan to see where the dye has leaked and it will show cracks or things in your disc. Then I'll know if I need a revision discectomy or a fusion or something else.
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