Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Yes, I'm a complete and total ANGEL!"

Don't let this photo fool you. He looks: sweet, innocent, harmless. Cosmo looks like he's full of mischief chewing on Mr. Innocent Levi's ear. Macy is such a good sweet girl except for her moments of snobbish behavior where I swear you can practically see her roll her eyes at the idiotic antics of the two boys.

These two could not get into more trouble if they tried. TRUST ME! We all know or have known in the past, a couple young boys that attracted trouble like a big ol' magnet. Usually one of those boys attracted most of the trouble and the other one either just happened to be tagging along or went with the flow, right? Every Batman has their Robin. Well they are good guys so that's probably not a good analogy. You know what I mean though. Let's just get this out first. Levi IS THE TROUBLE MAGNET and Cosmo usually just tags along because trouble means fun and he doesn't want to miss any fun!

Here's a rundown of a bit of what the terrible twosome have been up to lately:
*chewed up a wooden hanger in the middle of the night that they somehow got off the bottom rack of our closet.
*Ate a matchbook style pack of emery boards. They'll feel great on the way out.
*Ingested the majority of a new pink pencil
*snagged a drumstick and covered it in grooves with their teeth. Maybe Matt can market that as a new gripping system for drummers.
*Polished off an entire plate of sugar cookies that Callie painstakingly made.
*Stretched out a pair of Peytons panties during a rigorous tug of war, they are so big now I could pretend they'd fit me.
*Covered my bedroom carpet in wonderful psychodelic pink swirls of fushia hair dye. Groovy baby!
*Spewed shampoo on my bedroom carpet after stealing the bottle out of the kids bathroom. But maybe they were trying to clean up the permanent hair dye!?
*Opened an entire pack of panty liners but brought one down to show me. How thoughtful!
*Ripped about 10 pages of my TWILIGHT MOVIE COMPANION that Tina gave me. I have to say this probably pissed me off the most!

I have a hard time staying mad at those cute faces. Maybe I'm just super tolerant. Or crazy :-)
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Lori said...

Love the list of destruction! And...'bout spit my coffee out when I read your comment on the torn "Twilight" pages!
Gotta love our boxers!! :)

Cricket said...

Look at these two!!! Oh my've gone and done it again...waaaahhhh...I want a Boxer!!!

sooooo cute!!! Now I need to do a layout of these guys!!! :)