Wednesday, December 31, 2008

OH GAWD...the birds and the bees...well sort of. It's Peytonism time!

This morning, I was post-processing some photos and Peyton was laying on the couch watching the Wonder Pets. Cosmo and Levi were snuggled on top of the blanket covering her (Macy was still cozily tucked in my bed because princesses like to sleep late). Because of the Holidays and stuff with Cosmo leaving and then coming back, we haven't gotten around to his neutering appointment yet. (WHICH I FEEL is of the most important for all pet owners unless you have a CERTIFIED champion that has won many awards in the show ring~hopping off of soap box now).

Warning the following may contain words that you MAY find offensive. My kids know the correct terminology for the male and female body parts. However, penis, testicals, vagina and butt (well, that's already slang but I can't even bring my self to type the real word here..ewwww) are not words that I ever wanted slung around in public, call me CRAZY. We've always adopted slang terms for these parts, I won't bore you with all those crazy details however I will have to share one or two in a moment.

As Cosmo was curled up right next to Peyton his Do Dads just happen to be relatively close to her face. Yeah, ummm not a pretty site. She glanced down and noticed them I guess. And she said, "MOM, we really have to get Cosmo neutered soon!" Because she does know what that means. I reassured her that yes, we would be getting him neutered soon. She then said, "I'm worried that he might have a baby!" So I explained that he'd have to have a doggie girlfriend that he loved and then God would give them the puppies. Then I told her that he doesn't have a girlfriend that he loves so we were safe. Then she wanted to know if this was true than why does her little diamond dove have eggs. Now I'm in a quandry. (Her little diamond dove lays an egg about every other day several times a year) So I told her that because she doesn't have a husband bird that she would produce eggs but that God wouldn't give her a baby. She then said, "Mom, we GOTTA get her a MAN!"

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