Thursday, October 1, 2009

More painted black cabinets!

***EDIT:There is a much better update here if you'd like to check it out as well! ;-)  THANKS!!!

 By the time we are done with this project, you're going to be sick of seeing my kitchen! Here's this section that is finished and has the satin polyurethane. I have to admit, a coffee maker usually sits over there next to my mixer but I moved it for the photo. :-) I'm just being honest! My mixer is like a zillion years old. Seriously, I've had it since I was like 17 and I'm ancient now at 39 so yeah, it's OLD. (little know Robyn fact: I used to decorate cakes...a LOT of cakes, wedding cakes and specialty cakes, all kinds of cakes! For money, like as in a part time job! LOL) So this mixer and I have been through a lot and she better keep on mixin' 'cause I love her and I can't afford to get another anytime soon!

Hey, do you see how that platter sits up there real nice above the microwave in the cabinet? I love that!

Here's the kitchen sink area with only one coat of black on. Remember the process...Primer, wax your areas you want distressed then paint, let dry, wipe those areas, re-wax, paint and dry, wipe, wax, paint and dry, wipe, repeat if necessary then poly. Click on the photo to see it larger. These are the two FAKE drawers in front of my sink. I had Matt remove the knobs because who are we foolin'? EVERYONE knows
those aren't really drawers. So we put these pretty little wooden doohiggies from the Home Depot on (they were like 3.50) and now the front looks so much prettier! Ideally, if I won the lotto, this would be a BIG OL' FARM SINK with the front that comes down but that hasn't happened and you gotta play to win and all that stuff. So I'm happy with my little doohiggies I have.

I received an email today from one of the girls that used to work for Matilda Jane (you can search for Matilda Jane on my blog love love me some MJ stuff!). She and a friend opened their own company it's called LUNNY & LU  or  The stuff is really cute and the way you purchase it is through the featured items of the week.  Everyweek different items are featured and thats the only things you can purchase.  I guess they'll control inventory that way so the don't have the snafuu's that MJ always has.  Speaking of MJ, I've got so many cute pieces from the 2 shows I had.  Stuff that Peyton HAD to have and now I have to twist her arm to get her to wear most of it.  Apparently, there's a little girl in her class that has a BIT too much to say about Peyton's fashion sense.  I guess she never learned, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!"  In that vein of 2 newest quotes on my chalkboards in the kitchen are:   It's not in how you look it's in how you SEE.  AND    BREATHE...Life is good!
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