Monday, October 19, 2009


OMG a post with out a photo!  I'm not sure I can handle it! ;-)

Hey everyone!  One of the super cool site that I visit in my spare time (like in the morning when the house is still and I have a big cup of steaming coffee and my favorite cozy blanket wrapped around me).  Anyway, lots of bloggers are linking their favorite flea market finds...I have a couple but I posted an old blog post about one of them!  Check out mine and some other blogs too!  Your sure to have fun at this first LINK PARTY! It's a FLEAMARKET STYLE PARTY! COME ON IN!

Here's my link to one of my favorite FINDS:


chandelier magic - beach house said...

Hi -
Thanks for stopping by and THANK YOU very much for suggesting the book - I've been meaning to buy it and kept forgetting, but I'm doing it tonite.

Anxious to see your friends homes - if they're in the book they must be amazing

great blog - i'll be back


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I think I have just made a new flea market buddy! You sound like you love as much as me...oh the trouble we could get into! Dont you just love that green paint on that screen. I will have to paint over some of them. I dont think everyone will love the old green chippy paint like we do...crazy ..I know!

Sherri S said...

Loved your window below. I'm a 'former' scrapbooker too. I say that bc I rarely have time to do it anymore! Too busy fixing up home decor. I still use some of my supplies though! Planning on making up a thrifty cute Halloween mask this week.