Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vintage Re-Purpose and a Peytonism!

Hey Folks...just as I was about to blog this, CUTE KamaCozi (AKA: Cosmo, the Cosman, Cosi-bear,Cosi-moto) puked up the little paper dry cleaning tag (that my husband must have accidentally dropped this bright and lovely morning) along with a large volumn of freshly drank(is that a word)water on the kitchen floor. So I'll be back after cleanup and physical therapy to tell you about these photos but they
are actually about repurpose-ing an old frame into a padded message board. ;-)

I can't do a tutorial 'cause I did this last summer. Sorry!  But it's super easy.  Find an old frame you like and pop out whatever is in it (or you could just leave it and work on top of it but regardless you need to remove it for now.  I had my father or Matt cut me a piece of luan (thin, hard board sold at stores like Home Depot).  The luan must fit the hole IN THE BACK ALMOST EXACTLY! 

For the message board, I used cotton batting and then fabric that would match Callie's room of light apple green and pinks.  You could also cut cork board to fit and then cover with just fabric.  We wanted to make our own pins from buttons and have them go in on an angle like when you sew instead of strait in like with a push pin.  You put your batting over the wood, leaving about a half inch to an inch not covering the edge where you'll be attaching it around the frame.  Then cut the fabric large enough so that it will cover the backing and the batting.  I then just used small nails and some of the little staples that were already on there to attach it all. The whole project took less than 15 minutes. Click on the photo if you want to see it larger. 
When I brought this hand home from an antique store, Callie immediately snagged it for her rings.  I think it looks pretty cool!  That little music jewelry box in the background was my husbands sisters when she was a little girl.  Callie keeps it close to her heart and often thinks of her Aunt Michele.

I've given the chalkboard/magnetic board directions before. Again, cut luan to size paint with magnetic paint like a kazillion times or 3 and then the chalk board paint about 3 times. Reinstall and VOILA a lovely message board! 

I love these two fortunes we got recently.  Mine and Matt's says : There is a true and sincere friendship
between you both!  I LOVE that and it's so true considering I've known him since I was 10!

 Callie's fortune says: Stop and look around, happiness is trying to find you!  How COOL!

AGAIN, click on the pics to make them larger if your eyes are getting old like mine or you just want to see the details. (Yeah, that's what they all say!)

Longtime blog readers will know that occasionally, I'll post something funny that our youngest, Peyton says.  As I've said in the past, and now offense to you blondes out there.  BTW, I'm a bottle blonde (thanks to my fabulous hairstylest to the STARS.  Okay, maybe that's pushing it, but she's good. Real Good) so I can say whatever I want about blondes.  Okay, about the Peytonism.

Over the weekend we were driving past Men's Warehouse.  This particular MW is on a corner of a shopping center, so that the windows on that side are blacked out.  Our little reader says, "Men's Warehouse, what would you BUY there?"  I then replied, "Well, when you get older, and if you can't find a man that's where you go to get
one."  She glances back at the store, and now she can see the mannequins in the window dressed in there dapper finery and she says

wait for it

wait for it

a little longer

okay:  "Oh."

Matt and I just looked at each other and smiled.  That's our girl!
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Susie from Bienvenue said...

Sounds like you are having one of my mornings...ha! Thank you for shring this post with us. It's always neat to see how everyone put's their stamp on many great ideas! I may have to try one of these...thanks for sharing~ ps...hope pup feels better

Laura said...

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment

I have been looking to make a large chalk board in a frame for my kitchen!!! My husband thought I was crazy when I suggested it...what does he know?