Saturday, February 6, 2010

SNOW WAY! ...and a Peytonism (2 actually)

Living smack dab in the center of the mid atlantic region meant that we got pelted with the Blizzard of '10. Basically my job was to ration milk and toilet paper to my family and insure that the dryer ran constantly. I did not/will not be stepping outside anytime soon. However,it sure is pretty! The first photo is the side walk up to out front porch. That's my Commander covered in a fluffy winter blanket. If you refer to the last post, you'll see what part of the play house looks like, now it's smothered under a large pine branch that broke off this morning from the heavy white goodness.

It's PEYTONISM TIME! If you are not familiar with a should probably do a blog search here at whimages. Peyton is our youngest and she says/does the funniest things. I KNOW everyone thinks that about their kids but this one is pretty darn cute with her comments. Friday I had a follow up appt. with Dr. Doctor about the procedures I've had over the past couple months. (more on that later if you're bored and really give a hoot about it). I came home and picked Peyton up and went back to wait at the pharmacy in the car
(the drive through line was MUCH smaller than went from the back of the pharmacy to the front) We waited almost 45 minutes in line...people were obviously petrified of the impending doom of the snow storm. When we finally treked home I layed down to rest up in our bedroom. Unbeknownst (that is a word, right?) to me, Matt fell asleep in the family room. Peyton was on Disney on the computer and she remembered hearing the twins talk about getting a celebrities "real" phone number. So she asked them how to do it so of course they tell her. A bit later, I came downstairs and she was leaving a message on the phone, "Hi Justin, this is your biggest fan, I think you're so cute, yadda yadda yadda". I'm putzing in the kitchen and really only half paying attention. Then I hear her leave a similar message..."HI MILEY, this is your biggest fan EVER...". So I ask her what she is doing and she explained that Callie and Cole told her how to get "real" numbers of celebrities off of youtube. Um. Yes. This. Is. Great. I glance at the computer screen and she has the "phone number" pulled up for Selena Gomez and it's OBVIOUSLY a FOREIGN number! So I try not to freak and she says she did ask Daddy (who after the week he had preparing for the storm is like talking to a zombie) and he said yes she could call because she told him she thought it was free. Unfortunately she can't remember how many people she called. I'm just praying that only that one was out of the country!
Peytonism number 2 Okay, at this point you may be questioning my parenting skills. It's okay, I am too! LOL After I made some chili for the frozen masses, I sat down to cuddle with my little phone talking TV watching little goober. She is watching a show called "BULLY BEAT DOWN". Um. Yeah. Probably not the best and most appropriate show for an almost 8 year old. I started to switch it and she said she has watched it with Daddy before and it's really good because the mean bully guys always loose. So against my better judgement I'm watching this show where this poor guy had been bullied by this complete jerk for 8 years. The bully comes onto the show and agrees to cage fight (yes, I did just typed CAGE FIGHT, EWWWW) with a professional fighter who is protecting the honor of the victim. After the fight, I said, "Gosh, I actually enjoyed that so much more than I thought I would!" and Peyton said, "I know Mom, doesn't it just make you feel all warm inside?" Oh. My. Gawsh. It would be different if we were watching the Hallmark channel!

About the back. We are weighing some options but we are considering putting
in a permanent spine stimulator in my back that constantly sends signals to my
brain to try to interrupt some of the pain signals. I don't know much about it yet, but I'll know more in the next month or so. If that's what happens I will officially be bionic Robyn.

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