Friday, February 12, 2010

TV cabinet...COMPLETE!

 My handy husband finished the TV cabinet with all reused materials EXCEPT the hammered handles.  It hides all the kids movies and junk plus I was able to display some of my antique cameras my father has given me.  He came by today and was so tickled in his own gruff Joe Pesci type of way!  It's hard to tell but Matt put under cabinet lights in it too, so it looks cool at night.  I don't think I'll always keep the camera there but they're fun for now!  One day after my Dad took me for one of my follow up appointments, I had cabin fever so I had him take me to this back road that Matt and I have ALWAYS loved.  I took a few shots just to keep my creative juices flowing.  Not that these are great or anything, because I was afraid to get out of the car and slip, but it sure was fun for ME! LOL  BTW, these are before the big blizzards we had.

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Lara Harris said...

Love all the vintage cameras!:)