Monday, April 28, 2008

And so you get GOATS!

Mother nature has been sprinkling us with showers for several days now. I KNOW the spring grass and flowers LOVE it and it sure is making everything green! But I've had to reschedule 4 shoots in the past couple days! So instead of super cute kiddos you get GOATS and a St. Bernard! LOL Last week I went to a past clients house to snap some shots of her baby goats. She has such a lovely home and lots of green grass and acreage! I'm GREEN with envy! :-) I love how goats look like they are walking around in heels...cracks me up!

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peg graham said...

Hi Robyn!!! How are you? I am loving your photography site!!!!

Are you still planning to join us this October for another Getaway? I hope so!

Sending HUGS!