Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dancing queen x 2

Months of practice and classes and costumes and shoes culminating into 4 ( 3 )minute performances! But it's all worth it to see how lovely our girls looked and HOW proud of themselves they were dancing infront of 300 people! We are so proud of them! I LOVE these pics even though they are DEFINATELY NOT my finest work! Shooting from your seat in a darkened theater with people in front of you doesn't lend itself to GREAT shots but the girls were SO pretty and did such a wonderful job! I LOVED Callie's ballet, she has that class on a night I work so I don't really get to see it so it was SO cool to see how graceful and practiced she has become! AND who doesn't love a rousing round of tap set to Elvis' Jailhouse Rock?!

This photo of Peyton peaking around the curtain before she went on is PRICELESS! She was all smiles on stage! She sure tapped her heart out to "all shook up!" FUN busy busy DAY for sure!

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