Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drive WOMAN drive!

The past couple weeks have been super busy with my girls as they get ready for their dance recital. Extra practice, dance photos, dress rehearsals, etc. and so on. Today we had a dress rehearsal for Ms. P here and she looked super cute all dolled up in her 50's garb of red cigarette pants and high sassy pony twisting it to "the twist". When we left I had to make a couple stops and she was WAY NONE TOO HAPPY to be doing errands dressed like that. Let me give you a little background here real quick...
There is another Kindergartener in our neighborhood who happens to be a little boy. I'll refer to him as Mr. B. Mr. B and Ms. P here have a mild little Kindergarten romance going on. He's in another class at school BUT they ARE in the same language arts group. This is the SAME little boy that told Peyton that her wanted her to come to his house and that his mom would "TAKE her from her bus stop". Ms. P was PETRIFIED for weeks thinking this mom was going to TAKE her and I'd never see her again and she wouldn't be able to come home. SHE's very literal!
As we stroll into the drug store with me in my oh so unflattering yet oh so comfy capri track pants and Ms. P in the aforementioned sassy little number with the pony tail swinging, LOW and BEHOLD who do we walk smack dab into...charming little Mr. B!
Ms. P could totally have crawled under a rock. She actually looked like she zoned out and even sheilded her eyes in that "oh my gawd this is a train wreck yet I can't look away" fashion! Finally as we were walking to the car she said "THAT was a nightmare!" Then we get in the car and she bellows: DRIVE WOMAN DRIVE! This little girl is too big for her britches!
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