Friday, February 13, 2009

Mason's B-day, Bruno and a DISCOGRAM!

We celebrated my nephew Mason's 2'nd Birthday over the weekend. Being the awesome aunt I am, we gave him a really cool percussion set with snare drum, harmonica, sticks, marracas etc. He loves it and giving him this fantasticly loud and potentially annoying gift has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my sister used to purchase similarly obnoxiously loud toys for my three children.
(Like the pay as you go phone that she bought Peyton for Christmas that Peyton is forbidden to answer because obviously whomever had the number previously used it for illicet and illegal purposes that I want Peyton to not be a part of. And the fact that she has credit card companies calling her on that number offering her GREAT INTEREST RATES on a new credit card dosen't help either.) So BEAT THOSE DRUMS MASON!!!

Here is super cute little Bruno. I seriously wanted to tuck him into my coat and bring him home. Those lips, those wrinkles, that sweet puppy breath. Truly it was almost too much for me to handle! I LOVE shooting pets and puppies are just icing on the cake!



A discogram is so cool people! Like this guy shows up at your house and he's got this super fly afro, cool sunglasses and a leisure suit that just shows everything he's got from the large peace sign necklace nestled in the dense bed of chest hair down to his endless long legs on his platform shoes. Then he starts dancing to a melange of 70's music. All the while stripping down to one of those uber-popular speedo's. AWESOME!

Well, not really but it sounds like that's what a discogram is right? Instead they inflated 3 of my discs with contrast medium all the while monitoring my reaction and x-raying the results. I had heard horror stories about this test (google discogram message boards if you are curious). Thankfully my neurosurgeon (he walks on water. well maybe) had this FANTASTIC and gentle radiology specialist do it who made it a walk in the park. Well not quite but my last epidural injection was worse. The residual pain wasn't fun but the test was not bad at all! So now I'm just waiting to see if or when or what kind of surgery is next. EDIT!! I just spoke with the neuro's office and apparently I'm going to be scheduled for a laminectomy and lumbar fusion. (laminectomy involves bones or joints or something, not discs and fusion well is fusion). So since this is lumbar they go in through the front of my abdomen. DAMN IT~! There goes my bikini wearing days!

LOL actually my bikini wearing days have been LOOOOONG gone because of the twins but now I can blame it on that instead of the twins which was causing them all KINDS of mental distress and stuff. (I'll pretend it has nothing to do with my extra lbs)

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