Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pump up the party! AND let's order some SNUGGIES!

If I was a little Hawaiian girl, I could look this cute and wear a lei and dance dance dance the hula till the cows come home. Well there probably aren't any cows in Hawaii, maybe till the pineapples are ripe. Not as catchy but...

Whimages wants YOU to know that I will be spring shooting MARCH, APRIL and 3 weeks of MAY. So if you are thinking of getting your spring portraits of your sweet little hoodlums soon, you might want to call me. Or if you want that new puppy pic or your family chillin out in the fresh green grass, shoot me a mail~!

I more than likely will NOT be shooting this summer after the end of May. If you have been following THE NOT SO INTERESTING SAGA OF ROBYN'S BACK, then you'll know why. I spoke with my Neurosurgeon (I don't know if you are supposed to capitalize the word Neurosurgeon but HECK, if I had gone to school all those years to be poking around peoples spinal cords and brain goo I'd want to be capitalized. FO SHO). He will be doing a lumbar laminectomy, discectomy and spinal fusion at the end of May. Judging by my discogram, he said that if I just had the discectomy, I'd probably be back in 6 months for the fusion anyway. All these ECTOMYS are crazy. What I REALLY need is a flabectomy, or a skinnyectomy or givememoneyectomy but those are not in my cards I guess. I can't play cards anyway. Well except for GO FISH but who CAN'T play that. With a twelve week recovery, I'm guessing I won't be picking up my camera except for my family.

In other fascinating Bedsaul news...our furnace broke sometime in the night on Sunday. My handy-dandy Dad diagnosed (he always wanted to be a doctor) the problem and went to get the part. Unfortunately, as fate would have it as always when it comes to these types of matters, it will take up to 3 days to get it in. Our gas fireplace has been running double time. I'm thinking about ordering SNUGGIES( ) for everyone in the family. They'll keep us all warm, we'll STILL be able to answer the phone (even when you call to make your portrait appointment~ that's like a subliminal message or something) PLUS we'll have them when we go to all the sporting events we go to(we really don't). I'll also look like a totally hot mom walking to the bus-stop in the morning with my snuggie and crocs on and my bed head and sleep wrinkled face. Maybe I can wear it to watch the girls dance. Maybe I'll even join the snuggie cult I saw on you tube. I'm not going to link that because as laugh my butt off funny and politically incorrect as well as crass and a horde of other inappropriateness as it is, I just can't bring myself to post it. I will NOT link it. (There's always google though)

Do my run on sentences bother you? :-)

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