Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Schtuff

*This was in the sky while we were in it love it love it! I also love the pink sunflare to the right of the smiley.
*Still don't have my computer back...ticking me off at this point
*I swear I can see Cole growing in front of my eyes like one of those Kudzu vines that grows like a foot an hour or something crazy.
*On the way to the dentist this week, Peyton wanted to know if they were going to Tazer her.
*I am in love with Facebook

* I love how Peyton still occassionally forgets and calls the thin straps on her nightgown noodle straps. (spaghetti straps)
*I can't WAIT till my spring sessions are in full swing (ALTHOUGH you should know I'm going to be keeping a light schedule because of my flippan' 80 year old back, so keep that in mind if you want to schedule)
*I just can't wait for spring the cold is depressing me.
*I have to immediately go to the RIGHT now at Target so I don't look at the clothes for the girls.
*I really hate not working
*My kids EAT all the snacks I buy at the grocery in the first two days.
*I have to hide chocolate and candy from my children so that Matt and I will have a stash.
*I have the absolute best family (you know who you are) and friends(that are more like family again, you know who you are) ever. They put up with my crap.
*Our twins are almost teens. Lord help us.
*Cole has had two clean dental visits in a row. This is a miracle because I swear the plaque grows on his teeth like mold on blue cheese.
*I'm currently obsessed with box tops for Peytons class. You can send me yours if you want.
*My husband is a gem.
*The Twilight Movie CD comes out March 21st. I've pre-ordered it. Duh
*I am that person in line that you hate who still writes paper checks.
*Callie is blossoming before our eyes into such a beautiful young lady.

*Yesterday Levi and Cosmo were playing in the backyard. Cosmo has/had a lovely sage green and brown paisley adjustable collar from his previous placement. Levi "adjusted" it for him while playing and he came in with a large segment going across his mouth from one side to the other like Hannibal Lector. I kept picturing him calling me "CLARISSE".
* I have sucessfully used: I, my and me almost as many times as Kate from John and Kate plus 8 does in about 10 minutes of an episode.

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