Saturday, May 9, 2009

She's Back!!!!!!!!! :)

HI!, This is Callie Robyn's oldest daughter :) and she is letting me guest blog. So she called around nine thirty this morning and said I can come home!!!!!!! She thought that when my dad got there she was just going to get up and leave, boy was she wrong. She found out that before she could leave she had to practice getting out of a fake car, get in and out of a shower, get on and off the toilet (I am glad that I wasn't there for that one) :). She said that it was all stuff that wasn't embarrasing just kidding, I mean i would be embarrased too if it took me a long time just to get to the toilet and had to use a walker for everything. Recently my great grandmother passed away and she used a walker when she walked, and my dad was kidding around with her and when my mom was walking with the walker my dad said "nana was faster!" but he was just kidding :). My mom may not want to admit it but I knew that she like pressing the buttons on the hospital bed and how the romote was attached to the bed and the speaker was in the remote it was really cool if I should say so myself. So now my mom is home and doing awesome my dad and I put the extra day bed in the family room and sat it all up and right this second my mom is laying on the day bed in the middle of the family room reading her book. I wanted to thank my moms friends and my family for helping us soooooooooo much and we really appreciate it, and there is no way that we could ever thank them enough :). Bethany O'Malley helped me so much today with cleaning up the house she is like a saint she matched our socks and that is like the biggest job to do in the house. So Thank You everyone for helping us sooooo much I just can't tell you guys how much we appreciate it :). P.S my mom says THANK YOU EVERYONE so much and she hopes to get better soon :)

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