Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So that was my incredibly horrible imitation of the Gov. of California. But it was apropos! I'm leaving in a few hours for my fusion...Yes, I'm still up at 1:40 in the morning and we'll leave here at 4:30 but I figure, I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow! (Remember, the positives, we like the positives.)

OHHH and in other news, I bet my Mother's day present is more expensive than yours! Nannynannybooboo. Just kidding...but well, seriously thank God for insurance 'cause this back thingy is apparently well over 100K. And to think, I would have been happy with a couple homemade, crayon-colored cards!

While I'm gone, you'll have some fun with the guest bloggers I've lined up. Good times my friends. For sure!

I snapped this shot of my friend's little lady the other day...I just love it!

SO stay tuned...my first guest blogger starts tomorrow night! (I guess it's actually tonight) ...she's witty. she's clever. she sounds JUST like me on the phone! You'll have to tune in to see who it is. I know the suspense is KILLING you!
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