Wednesday, May 6, 2009

She's already out of the hospital and she just stopped at Kohl's on the way home!!!
I'm just kidding, Robyn's out of surgery and everything seemed to go great. The surgery took longer than the five hour guesstimated time but she's in recovery. Her wonderful doctor told the family that there was more scar tissue then he originally anticipated but I think that's from when she had her tramp stamp removed at the drive Thru cosmetic place in Vegas in 07. It was a life size picture of her first husband. ....
Just kidding.. If you know Robyn at all, you know she is too Saintly to ever be with anyone before her awesome husband Matt, or have a tattoo.
Last night I talked to her before bed and to make light of the situation, she told me if something went wrong and she hadn't made it, I was entitled to her recipe box. (She is an amazing cook)I really wanted Grandmom's button basket though. (Inside joke)I asked her what our sigh would be to let me know that she was with me in spirit. Robyn said "the first Robin you see every spring will be me." BlahBlahBlah. I would rather her flush the toilet and blink the lights a couple times.
Anyways, I'm soooo happy my big sis is gonna make it, although I really had my heart set on her pound cake recipe. Maybe I'll hit her up for it while she's still high on meds!
If anyone has any idea how Robyn got her back in such a mess in the first place, please let us know. We have been trying to jar our memories for weeks. What could have done such a number on her spine? I had a few ideas: Some of which are not appropriate for viewing eyes. hehe. I'm just kidding, remember she is Saintly and the best sister EVER!!!!!
I love you Robbie, come home quick. xoxoxox, Brandy
P.S. I wrote in orange 'cuz it's her favorite color!!!! And if you had smello vision, it would smell like creme brulee, another one of her favorites

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